How To Wear A Mini Skirt In 2022: Styled Up or Simple

Mini Skirt, Maximum Style

Mini skirts wowed the world when they debuted in the 60s. Back in 1963, the very first mini appeared in the well-known London store Bazaar. Mary Quant, the British designer who is credited with inventing this little beauty, didn’t know then that she would change the face of fashion for generations to come. The mini led the charge in the birth of English street style; very mod, with bold colors and smooth fabrics and geometric patterns. Pleather, latex, and suede were used to great effect in the making of minis for the next few decades and the mini skirt is still with us now, in a wide variety of styles to suit different fashion consumers. Experts are predicting that the mini will once more top the list of 2022 fashion trends, but it’s going to be the way you wear it that counts. Major shopping platforms such as ShopStyle and Lyst are already seeing an increase in demand for minis, even moving towards the colder months.


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While some may say that minis are only appropriate for people of a certain age or size, we highly disagree! A mini is for anyone who wants to wear one, for anyone with a body. There are a number of ways that you can style any sort of mini to pull it off perfectly. If you want to look polished and chic when you step out in a short skirt, check out our list of the best ways to wear your minis in 2022.


Opt for Fit and Structure

Minis require a delicate balance of fit and structure to fit just right on most bodies. Flowy, loose fabrics that would work well in long skirts or dresses are simply not suited to minis. The skirt shouldn’t be too tight because tight and short together are often not a good combination: it should fit snugly at the waist and skim the hips, tummy, and bottom. The best mini is a simply cut one: stay away from anything flouncy or ruffled. One of the best options in terms of fit, for many body types, is a structured 70’s style A-line mini.


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Pair Short and Long

While there isn’t much call for a long jacket or shacket in summer, as we move into the winter months you can pair long jackets with minis for a multi-layered look that adds a lot of interest. A long jacket, duster, or kimono gives the illusion that you are more covered up than you are, which can offset a tight mini or a super short option quite well. It also does the job of making a mini a viable cold-weather option: add a pair of tights or stockings, some boots, and a turtleneck and you have the perfect outfit. If you want to show off your legs, go ahead and do it! A long coat just adds an extra dimension to a mini skirt look.


Go Monochromatic

Pairing a skirt and a top, whether it be a knit or a tank, in similar or matching colors is the perfect way to add an element of sophistication to any mini skirt look. This is a particularly helpful tip if you’re concerned about your proportions. You can use texture to add interest to the outfit since it’s all in one color: try a chunky knit with a satin or leather mini.


Go Low

Since you’ve already got your gorgeous legs on display, stick with less of a statement shoe: remember, less is more.  A lot of leg means that you should go low with heels if you’re wearing any.  A less dramatic shoe always fits well with a more dramatic skirt! Boots are a definite YES with mini skirts: not only are they cold-weather friendly but they also add a  lot of interest to a look that features bare legs.


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Image by Jasmin Chew via Pexels



Matching sets are still huge in the fashion scene. Much the same way that the Chanel suit made waves and set the trend in the 60s and beyond, so is the matching mini and blazer or cropped jacket combo we are seeing on the streets these days. A sure-fire way to keep any mini from looking a little too over the top, a little too casual, or too juvenile is to make a suit out of it! You can dress a mini co-ord up or down: pair it with chunky sneakers and ankle socks for a day of shopping or with simple calf-length boots for a business meeting.


To Avoid

Leave the frayed hems on denim skirts back in the 90s where they belong! Even though the mini became famous for showing off a lot, remember that it’s not a good idea to show too much. Going too short on a skirt is unflattering and a definite no. Leave the knee socks for the schoolgirls: if you like a cute sock, go with the ankle socks that are so popular at the moment.


Wrap Up

A mini is the perfect trans-seasonal item to have at your beck and call. It’s a classic that’s not going anywhere anytime soon, so embrace it!

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