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How to Wear Hats? A Style Guide to Men

These days, the hat has become a highly derided fashion accessory. A hat is not only a smart way to complete an ensemble, but it’s also a multipurpose piece of gear for men that works well in any climate. Nearly anything Mother Nature may throw at you will be mitigated by the use of a hat, including sun, snow, rain, and sleet.

It is not difficult to wear a hat with flair, but it does demand some attention to detail.

Finding a big hat that fits well, looks decent, and doesn’t clash with the rest of your attire can be difficult with the apparently endless variations available. However, keep your head held high because we’re here to walk you through some easy styling pieces of advice and tips to allow you to wear a hat in a way to groom yourself as well as keep yourself comfortable.

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Choose the right hat for your face shape

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To guarantee that the hat complements your overall appearance and highlights your charms, it is crucial to select the appropriate hat for your face shape. The angles of your cheekbones, forehead, and jawline should be taken into account when choosing the proper hat for your face shape.

For instance, if you have an oval face, you can choose from a variety of hat types; if you have a square face, you might need to choose a hat with a rounded crown. Choose a hat with a lofty crown and an angled brim if you have a round face to lengthen it. Before making a purchase, it is vital to try on various styles and choose which one fits you the best.


Pick the right size

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Choosing a hat that is either too loose or too tight can cause an absolute disaster. It would look like you borrowed one from somebody. Hence it is important to know first the size that best fits.

You should take an exact head measurement before selecting the appropriate size for a hat. A flexible tape measure wrapped around the head just above the eyebrows and ears is a nice way to take measurements. It’s critical to avoid pulling the tape measure too tightly, as this could lead to an uncomfortable and overly-tight hat. The majority of hat companies offer their own size charts that you can use to choose the appropriate size. Additionally, it’s a good idea to try on hats before buying them to make sure they are comfortable to wear and offer adequate head and facial coverage.


Consider the occasion

The choice of hats depends greatly on the type of occasion. It should not be too casual for any formal event, and vice versa, as it is an important component of your outfit as well as your personality.

For guys, donning a hat can be both a statement of style and practicality, depending on the situation. A well-tailored hat, such as a top hat or a fedora, can elevate a suit during formal occasions like weddings, graduation ceremonies, and black-tie occasions. A practical hat, such as a baseball cap or a sun hat, can shield from the sun or bad weather for outside activities like sports, fishing, or gardening. A beanie or a snapback hat can finish a casual ensemble for a street style or casual look.

No matter the situation, a hat can be the finishing touch that enhances a man’s image and offers functional advantages.


Match the hat to your outfit

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Matching has always been a crucial element in clothing since forever. Therefore, it’s critical to complement your attire with your hat while wearing one for men. This includes picking a hat that matches the color and style of your outfits. For instance, a baseball cap or beanie would be appropriate if you were wearing casual, carefree attire. A trilby or a fedora would be preferable if you’re wearing an article of more formal clothing.

The trick is to pick a hat that complements your appearance rather than taking away from it. Another great way to complement your outfit is by using custom patches. You can wear a white or black hat and put on a matching custom patch to make it more stylish and elegant.

So, whenever in doubt, stick to natural tones like black, grey, or navy, as they are known to go well with literally any color and choose an eternally fashionable classic style.


Know how to wear it  

Men’s hats are fashionable accessories that may round off an outfit and add personality. But it’s crucial to know how to put it on correctly. First and foremost, it’s important to pick a hat style that goes with your attire and the event. Second, the hat must be worn properly, with the brim slightly tipped down to produce a fashionable impression. The position of your hat might affect how you seem as a whole. While a straight brim exudes formality, a jaunty tilt can give a hint of cool. Try out various approaches to see what works best for you.

Last but not least, make sure the hat fits your head comfortably and is neither too tight nor too loose. Moreover, as a sign of respect, stay away from wearing hats indoors unless they are required by your culture or religion. The hat should blend in with the clothing rather than stand out against it.



In conclusion, guys who wear hats can look fashionable while also shielding their heads and face from the sun, wind, and rain. One’s choice of hat can also reflect their sense of fashion and individuality. It is essential to select the appropriate hat for various events, taking into account comfort, style, and the attire required for the occasion.

There are many options, including fedoras and baseball caps, so it’s simple for guys to choose the ideal hat to go with their outfits.

By keeping these suggestions in mind, wearing a hat can be a quick and easy method to boost your outfit’s style and self-confidence.

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