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Is It Possible to Earn Money by Playing Chess Online?

We all have hobbies and other interests that take up our free time, and thanks to the internet, games are so much more accessible than ever before. While some people enjoy video games and eSports, others are into gambling games offered on reputable iGaming websites like League of Slots. Similarly, millions of players also enjoy board games, with chess being among the most popular. And like the former, did you know that this game can be more than just a hobby, where you could earn some cash as you participate in the game?

So, if you have ever wondered to can turn your passion into an income stream, you should spare a couple of minutes of your time for some pointers. And by the way, even if you don’t necessarily play chess but follow the activities of pro players, you can earn some money by betting on the outcomes of tournaments online. So, here’s a look at some of the most practical ways you could start making money by playing chess online.


1) Offer Online Coaching

Online coaching has quickly become a new form of making money globally. You can learn anything from developing applications or games to coding online. And so online chess coaching is a lucrative way to earn from your skills and does not require a high initial investment. Furthermore, you can do personal coaching or develop a course that you could market to the masses or both! Some of the websites that will help you do this include:

  • Teachable
  • Skillshare
  • Thinkific
  • Kajabi


2) Start a YouTube Channel

One of the best places to market your chess skills is on YouTube. As the third largest search engine in the world, you can find real success by having a chess YouTube channel. You can teach others how to play and share some of your top personal tips unique to you as a player. Additionally, having a YouTube channel will also expose you to partnerships with brands and other players that can increase your income on the platform. You will also earn advertising revenue once you meet the requirements for monetization.


3) Participating In Online Tournaments

The gaming industry is vast and has many platforms available for chess players. If you are a skilled player, there are tournaments available to you online. You can play as a beginner or advanced player and still manage to find a contest that suits your skill level. These tournaments have prizes and can be a great way to make money playing chess on the internet. Here are some sites and apps where you can earn money by playing the game online:

  • Chess Puzzle Blitz
  • com
  • MBChess
  • Chess Cube
  • MPL Chess Online
  • Chess24


4) Be an Influencer

The advancements in online digital marketing have led to the rise of influencers, which are not going anywhere any time soon. For example, as a chess influencer, brands will endorse you to represent them in tournaments and other chess-related events. Also, it can help you secure these deals, and you can get paid to be an ambassador for all types of brands. However, you may be required to have enough followers on social media to be an influencer, where you can eventually get paid to make appearances, wear certain brands, and much more.


5) Sell Chess-Related Products

Whether an advanced player who wins big tournaments or a beginner getting into the game, you are exposed to other like-minded people. You can leverage this exposure to create and/or resell merchandise, chess-related products like eBooks, tournament tickets, artwork, and even chessboards. Thus, as you enjoy playing the game, you can promote your products to other players and earn extra income.


6) Start a Blog About Chess

If you master the game, then you have the skills and knowledge that might help other players. So, why not share these skills by starting a blog? Better still, after you are all set up, not only can you start selling digital products through your blog, but you can also earn money through advertising revenue. Further, outside the usual forms of digital marketing, you can organically grow your blog’s following by promoting it when you play chess online.


Don’t Let Your Prowess in Chess Go Unrewarded

As you might have already noticed, the channels we’ve discussed for making money while playing chess online do not have heavy initial capital investments. You just need a smartphone and computer to get started, meaning that anyone who plays the game can do it. So, your love of chess can definitely be more than just a hobby if you are looking to increase your income. Leverage your skills and start earning money through your favorite hobby.

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