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Is Your Hair Healthy? 6 Signs of Healthy Hair

Do you know the signs of healthy hair? If you are like most, you might give a passing thought to the health of your hair, only if you are experiencing a problem.


While you might think of hair as just part of your look, your hair plays a vital role in the functioning of your body. Healthy hair protects your scalp from the hot sun, as well as dangerous UV rays. Your hair cells also stimulate your sound and orientation neurons, which play a role in your hearing and balance.

For these reasons, maintaining healthy hair is essential.

Fortunately, assessing the health of your hair is as simple as knowing what to look for. If you are wondering if your hair is healthy but aren’t sure how to figure it out, this short and simple guide is for you.


  1. Natural Shine

One sign of healthy hair is natural shine. This is because your cuticles are smooth and the light is reflecting off of them. If your hair is dull, one of your goals for better hair should be to restore your natural shine.


  1. Elasticity

A sure sign of healthy hair is elasticity. All healthy hair is elastic and will bounce back to its natural state after a gentle tug. If you pull on your hair and it breaks, you likely have damaged locks.


  1. Softness

One sign of healthy hair is softness. Just like your skin, your hair needs moisture to avoid becoming dry and dull. If your hair is not soft and smooth, consider implementing a treatment plan.


  1. Closed Cuticles

Did you know the cuticles on your hair can determine your hair health? It’s true, closed cuticles indicate healthy hair while open cuticles indicate damaged hair.

You can test your cuticles by taking a strand of hair and placing it in a glass of water. If the strand floats, it means water has not penetrated your hair shaft because the cuticles are closed. If the strand sinks, you likely have a problem.


  1. Shrinkage

If your hair is curly or highly textured, you can test the shrinkage to determine if your hair is healthy. When your hair shrinks as it dries, this is a sign it is fully moisturized and has not been damaged by heat or chemicals. This is especially true for healthy Black hair.


  1. Minimal Shedding

On average, you shed 50-100 hairs daily. So while some shedding is normal, if you notice you are shedding more and more, you likely have a problem. Excessive shedding can happen for many reasons, including stress, pregnancy, tight hairstyles, and more.



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These Are the Signs of Healthy Hair

There are many signs of healthy hair you should look for.

If your hair has minimal shedding it is likely healthy. You might also notice your hair has elasticity, is soft and shiny, and passes the cuticle test. If your hair is curly or highly textured, shrinkage is a sign that it’s healthy.

If your hair does not have any of these qualities, see a professional right away.

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