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The Simplest Games To Get You Into Gaming

With the pandemic continuing to affect our lives in many different ways, we’re all looking for alternatives to keep ourselves occupied.


As many aspects of our social lives cannot be enjoyed currently, there’s been a huge shift towards gaming across 2020. That all started way back in April, when there were a huge number of people downloading gaming apps and purchasing within those apps.

That’s continued across the year, with mobile app spending hitting a record $28billion in quarter three of this year.

With restrictions returning once again in many countries across Europe in particular, it’s a good time to open up that app store, or look into buying a console once again. But what are the best games to get you started?

If you’re a complete novice to gaming do not fear, there are a wealth of simple games for you to kick off with, all of which are incredibly fun too!

Below you’ll find our favourite types of games to enjoy that aren’t so complicated they’ll have you switching off immediately…



You can’t really go wrong with bingo. It’s a game that has been around for centuries and everybody knows how to play it. Over the last five years there’s been a real boom in online bingo players and a thriving community has developed with plenty of game variations to suit all types of player.

For the traditionalists there’s the likes of 90-ball and 75-ball bingo, while those who like gaming on-the-go there’s speed bingo, which offers games that can be finished in just a few minutes.

Why the game has stood the test of time though is due to its simplicity and how easy that has transitioned online. There’s no real skill to it, with players simply required to mark off numbers as they are drawn. In order to win the game, you usually must be the first player to complete a full line on your bingo card, as well as winning the whole game by being the first to complete your bingo card.

What is worth noting is that you do have to buy a bingo card, but then you also have the chance of winning a jackpot too!



There are tons of puzzle apps online and they have been among the most downloaded during lockdown.

Games such as Monument Valley, Two Dots and Move The Block are among the most popular with iOS players in particular, with them requiring logic in order to succeed, rather than fast fingers, reaction times and the ability to shoot something we associate with gaming.

Puzzles have been quite popular, especially with older players. Aside from downloading a game on your phone, you can also buy your own set to make the game even more challenging! Visit this site and see more puzzles for adults


Word Games

As well as puzzles, word games are also proving huge during lockdown, and a great way to get into gaming. The likes of Zynga’s Words with Friends has seen thousands upon thousands of extra downloads, as they offer a familiar type of game that can be played by friends virtually.

Words with Friends is essentially Scrabble. But with it difficult for people to get together in person to enjoy a game, the game has become a must play for many. The familiar format makes it simple to play, while the in-built chat feature also allows you to communicate with friends, making for the perfect evening around a board game, albeit from a handheld device.

Scrabble also has its own app, which too has seen a huge increase in downloads, while there are other similar games available in the app stores which work in a similar way, such as Pictionary, a social drawing game.


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