Ships Have Sailed – Take My Money

Ships Have Sailed have one question for you: who’s taking YOUR money? Find the answer out by watching their new visual for Take My Money, premiering today on 1883. 

After spending months inside on our screens, indie-pop duo Ships Have Sailed want us to get slightly more disconnected from our phones and apps. Taking an aim at society’s obsession with swiping, liking, and Instagramming everything our thumbs can take a photo of, Take My Money is the band’s tongue-in-cheek statement that doubles as a call-to-arms for us all to unplug and hit airplane mode on our phones.

The video for the track, which premieres today on 1883 Magazine, highlights society’s materialistic & superficial nature by juxtaposing internet & app imagery with antiques, is a perfect insight into the band’s mindset when they were creating the song. “We were lucky enough to work (again) with producer / director duo TalkboyTV on the video for ‘Take My Money’,” the duo explained when asked about the creation of the video. “We really wanted to capture the progression of materialism in our culture over time…it was fun tracking down vintage items for this shoot, from classic looking soup cans to old TVs…some of which we fortunately found purely by chance on the side of the road the morning of the shoot. It ended up being such a fun shoot, and the video really elevates the meaning behind the song…we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!”

Check out the new music video for Take My Money now!

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