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Ashley Thomas

1883 Magazine chats with Ashley Thomas to talk about how he prepared physically and mentally for his role in The Ipcress File, how he stayed motivated whilst he was trying to breakthrough in the industry, and more.

The Hand Of God – Film Review

Paolo Sorrentino offers a striking, surrealist approach to transnational cinema that makes it hard to look away. His 2001 debut feature ‘One Man Up’ follows the story of two men with the same name, living parallel lives yet failing to meet one another. The film helped him secure the Nastro d’Argento award for Best New […]

Sarah Maple – The Opposite of a Feminist

In a world where women are kept down and struggle to make their voices heard, seminal British artist Sarah Maple never shies away from challenging the structural and everyday misogyny and sexism in our society. Her work is on display at GIANT until February 2022.

Charlotte Colbert

1883 Magazine’s Cameron Poole, chats with director Charlotte Colbert about her new film She Will, the filming process and more.

Yxng Bane

Yxng Bane has had one of the most eventful years, without a doubt. The singer first received attention with his remix for Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape Of You’ – very quickly he has risen to one of the highest anticipated newcomers in the UK of all times and still has an incredibly bright future ahead. Last […]