The 1883 Saint Playlist

New music from YONAKA, Jesse Gold, 19&YOU and more in this week’s 1883 Playlist.

On this week’s 1883 NMF: Brighton rockers YONAKA release their fiery new single “Call Me a Saint,” JP Saxe is prepping for the release of his highly anticipated debut album with the release of his new single “Like That,” Sterling Press holds nothing back in their punchy new single “Lots Of Noise,” and Jesse Gold celebrates the release of his sophomore EP “Stupid Hours” (our favourite track: “Sugar Island”). The dynamic out-of-the-box artist RUSHIL releases his soulful single “Hold This,” 19&YOU prepare for world domination with their debut self-titled EP, ELUNIA drops her alt-pop single “Pressure Points,” and Jessie Reid pens a poetic heartfelt track “Wake Up”.

Also on this week’s playlist is Harrison WalkerREI AMImimi bayTai Verdesari hicks, Jake BuggQue the BoyBen Abraham and more.

Check out all of these tracks in this week’s 1883 playlist.

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