The Best Bra Styles for Your Breast Shape 

Finding the right bras that make you feel confident and comfortable in any outfit is a challenge that every woman faces throughout life. No matter your age, body type, or breast size, searching for high-quality bras can be difficult and frustrating. However, it doesn’t have to be! There are a few things to consider when bra shopping that can make the entire process easier and more convenient.

One important aspect to consider when looking for the best bra is your breast shape. Everyone’s breasts are not only different sizes, but we all have diverse breast shapes as well. Therefore, the same bra type is not best for every woman! So, how can you determine which bra style is right for you? The guide below will help you do just that; it will break down the different common breast shapes and which bra styles are right for each.  

Keep reading below for everything you need to know before buying your next bra!


Breast Shape: Round

 Let’s start by talking about the round breast shape. So, what does a “round” breast shape mean? This means that your breasts are very circular. Also, having a round shape implies that your breasts are equally full at the top and as they are at the bottom.


Best Bra Style: T-Shirt Bras

When you have a round breast shape, the most crucial points to consider are support and coverage. Since your breasts are equally full all around, you do not need to worry as much about the structure and stiffness of the bra. Instead, you may want to go with something softer and more comfortable with plenty of chest coverage. Therefore, a T-shirt bra is the best option for you. They have a plunging neckline and durable straps that help comfortably hold your breasts in place while still working well with a wide range of tops and dresses.


Breast Shape: Bell Shape

What is the bell breast shape all about? Bell-shaped breasts are those that are narrower and slimmer at the top, and rounder and fuller at the bottom. Women with breasts of any size can have this shape, but bell-shaped breasts tend to be a bit larger. That’s why finding the right bra style matters!


Best Bra Style: Underwired With a Full Cup

Since bell-shaped breasts are fuller at the bottom, structure and support are essential to finding your perfect bar style. Therefore , an underwired bar with a full cup is your best bet to give the support that your breasts need. In addition, the structure of the cup will lift the breasts to add volume and roundness to the top of the chest. And who doesn’t want a little extra lift?


Breast Shape: Slender

The slender breast shape refers to breasts that are narrow, long, and pointing downwards. Therefore, a strongly structured bra with plenty of support is a great place to start for those with slender breasts.


Best Bra Style: Seamed Bra

For structure and support, those with a slender breast shape can’t go wrong with a seamed bra. These are intentionally designed to give your bust a natural shape. Additionally, it will lift the breasts and provide the reliable structure you need to help support and point them more upward and forward.


Breast Shape: Shallow

The next breast shape to discuss is the shallow breast. If you have a shallow breast shape, this means your breasts are spread out over the chest with little horizontal depth. In other words, your breast shape is less full and round.


Best Bra Style: Push-Up Bra or Bralette

Since those with a shallow breast shape have less depth, a push-up bra is an excellent option if you want more lift and fullness. For a more natural and comfortable look, a wireless bralette is a great choice, as your breasts require less support and structure. Additionally, since shallow breasts tend to be on the smaller side, bras with underwire lining can often be too wide; this leaves you with gaps between the bra and your breasts. Not to mention, it can be uncomfortable. Generally, a push-up bra and bralette are the best fit for women with shallow-shaped breasts.


Finding the Right Bra for You

Overall, finding the right bra shape for your breast size is vital to your everyday comfort and confidence. Of course, everyone is different. So finding your perfect bra may still take trial and error, but knowing what styles work well with your breast shape can go a long way.

Therefore, following the guide above can help take the hassle out of your search. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start bra shopping!  


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