The Extremes Musicians Were Pushed To By Drugs

The sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle can be pretty fascinating when it comes to famous musicians. For a fan, watching their life play out on stage can be thrilling, but also it can be heartbreaking too.

Drugs has taken over many musicians’ lives, many entering an alcohol or drug rehabilitation centre to eventually get help when at breaking point. But often that can come too late too, with many bright lights burning out too soon as a result of addiction.

Of course, for fans of their music, you begin to see extremes because of those drugs, both exciting and bad, some of it coming out of their albums and some on stage.

Here are just a handful of some extreme stories about musicians that have all come about due to excessive drug abuse…


Sid Vicious – Murder and Heroin

The Sex Pistols star had a huge problem with heroin addiction and there are few more extremes and examples of what damage opioids can do to the brain than the sorry demise of both himself and his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen.

He woke up one morning in a New York hotel to find Nancy dead in the bathroom with a knife wound in the abdomen. Charged with murder, he claimed to not remember what had happened because of the drugs. While charged, he was not kept in custody and attempted suicide later that month.

However, it was a few months later where he overdosed on heroin.


Ozzy Osbourne snorts a line of ants

The Black Sabbath frontman’s battle with drugs is well known and due to the mind altering nature of them, he’s done some pretty stupid things.

Snorting a line of ants is up there with the most stupid. After an evening with Motley Crue, in which they’d been drinking and taking cocaine, Ozzy spotted a line of ants, with Ozzy then jumping to the ground, taking a straw and snorting the entire line.


James Brown pulls a shotgun on someone for using his toilet

James Brown had multiple run ins with the police in the 1980s and that went hand in hand with his addiction to drugs getting out of control.

Like in many relationships where addiction is prevalent, domestic violence was a big part of his life, while in 1988 he famously pulled out a gun on someone for using the toilet in his office.

After fleeing the scene, he was involved in a police chase. Eventually caught, he was charged with carrying an unlicensed firearm, possession of drugs, driving under the influence and assaulting a police officer, receiving six years in prison, three of which he served.

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