The growth of the gambling industry during quarantine time

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed our world and lifestyle in more ways than one.

Some may even draw a comparison between today’s scenes and those of dystopian worlds from movies, and find few differences. The pandemic brought down a quarantine worldwide, which has affected every country. Major industries like entertainment, sport, traveling, and cruising have taken a direct hit on their finances. Among these different industries, gambling was no exception.

The closure of casinos in America alone cost the industry around $21 billion. The world economy of the current and succeeding year doesn’t look promising; however, we try to perceive the crippling situation. In March of 2020, all casinos in America closed their doors for public admission and observed a drop of 61.1% in their revenues compared to the previous year’s revenues.


A New Point for the Online Gambling Industry:

The gambling industry was struggling to salvage their dwindling revenues, and that’s when they turned their focus to online gambling. Casinos that already had an online gambling system set up reported a 65.7% increase in their online revenues. These numbers show that the quarantine has proven beneficial for the digital gambling industry.

Being locked up inside your house for months with nothing to keep you occupied can mess up your mind. Anxiety, depression, social strangeness, and many other psychological problems are rising because of the current health crisis. People fear the future and are missing things as simple as going out with their friends and family. Social anxiety has taken a turn for the worst and making people agitate and fidgety over the smallest things. Everyone is looking for a respite and a way out of this daily social conundrum, and the online gambling industry provides them with just that.

People who never tried their hand at gambling decided to gamble online to pass their time or for entertainment playing online casinos on Online gambling is flourishing because of the corona pandemic, and organizers are spicing things up to keep the audience hooked. 


The future of online gambling

Online gambling is only able to grab its audience’s attention after the closure of physical casinos. People have always looked skeptically at the way it was designed and monitored for a virtual gambling experience. They had always pegged something unfamiliar and risky. 

Safety risks were at an all-time high when they made their debut in the market, and nothing was beyond the reach of a skilled hacker. But as time passed, casino owners offered a safe gambling experience to their consumers through these online gambling opportunities only received hype because of the ongoing pandemic lockdown.


Will they be able to give the same revenues once things are back to normal?

If we look at the revenues of reopened casinos and compare it to online gambling during the complete lockdown, then the answer is no. The moment physical casinos open their doors, people will be lining up at the door to play. And they don’t care whether they have to go through several heath checks and follow SOPs to enjoy their time there. People were missing the simple joys of their lives that they used to take for granted pre-pandemic.


Wrapping Up:

Experts believe that there is a chance that the online gambling industry will be more stable than it was after the pandemic is over. But even then, people will have different reasons to prefer it over traditional gambling and not because they can’t go out. Moreover, casinos offer numerous advantages like slots from that make it a more attractive option as opposed to traditional casinos.


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