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The Hendrick’s Gin Streaming Service – And 5 Other Fascinating Feeds To Watch

We all lead such busy lives these days that it is important to try and find some way to relax. Some people may tackle this by getting immersed in a good book, while others might opt to head out and have dinner with friends.

It is well-documented that nature can boost wellbeing and now people have the chance to bring the great outdoors inside with a new initiative launched by a major drinks brand.

Streams of streams

In the middle of August, Forbes revealed how Hendrick’s Gin has launched what it has described as its own ‘streaming service’. More specifically, it is a series of videos literally broadcasting the natural beauty and splendour of some very impressive streams.

Three videos have so far been released by the brand, with each offering a different style of stream. For example, The Brook That Dared features water cascading down a ridge, while Cucumber Creek includes lush woodland. In contrast, Little Falls Wit Rosy Dreams has a more English country garden feel.

According to Forbes, Hendrick’s has also suggested some drink combinations to have while watching the videos, with the company’s US ambassador Vance Henderson telling the site that he hoped the platform would offer a “leisurely alternative” to other streaming services out there.

Vital technologies

The videos are an intriguing and quirky use of technologies which have been becoming increasingly important in recent years. Both streaming and online video have had a big impact on a number of areas, particularly when it comes to entertainment.

For instance, both have had an influence on the music industry, with Spotify being just one of many platforms to make use of streaming. Elsewhere, artists like Lukas Nelson have been involved in live streams of concerts in recent years too. Online video and streaming have also transformed how we access film and TV, while sports coverage can now be provided that way as well. The concepts have also made a splash in many forms of gaming, with Legal Betting detailing how online casinos now offer live dealer games hosted by a real person in a studio via a webcam. Services like Google Stadia and Microsoft’s Project xCloud have also hinted at how streaming could transform how we access video games as well.

However, it is perhaps fair to say that Hendrick’s has served up a rather unique and different take on online video with its new campaign. Remarkably though, there are other rather surprising uses of streaming and video out there at the moment too. With that in mind, here are a few of our favourite videos that you may have missed.

  1. Head into space

If streams of streams simply do not cut it for you, why not head into outer space? NASA offers a feed of live video from the International Space Station and it provides both views of the Earth and a glimpse into what the crew are up to. The site adds that you might even catch a bit of conversation between those on board and Mission Control.

Bear in mind though that if you tune in and struggle to see anything, it may be because the station is in darkness. After all, NASA states that the station experiences a sunrise or sunset every 45 minutes.

  1. Sit in silence with Nick Offerman

Fans of Parks and Recreation will be more than aware of Ron Swanson’s love of a drop of whisky. Unsurprisingly, it is an interest shared by the actor who plays him – the excellent Nick Offerman.

The comedian showcases his enthusiasm on the My Tales of Whisky YouTube channel and he recorded a very special festive video back in December 2015. Its contents? Simply the man himself sat by a roaring fire enjoying his favourite tipple in complete silence. The original version is 45 minutes long, but if you fancy something a little more immersive you can opt for the 10-hour take instead. Simply sit back and relax.

  1. Go wild with some animals

Zoos and nature reserves have really recognised the potential of using webcams to showcase the work they are doing and you can catch a glimpse of some exciting animals on the services.

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