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The importance of escapism

As the months of 2020 ticked by and the whole world looked on from inside their homes, it became apparent how important a bit of escapism is in our lives.

Whether it’s a break from working from home life, or a catch-up with friends in the park – all socially distanced of course. Sometimes we just need a break from the norm, and a chance to press the reset button. And there’s no better way to achieve this than with a spot of travel.

Why travel is good for the soul

Who doesn’t love a holiday? Even if it means getting up at the crack of dawn or travelling for hours in cramped conditions. The reason we all love a holiday is that it breaks us out of our daily routines. And often we’re stuck in a bit of a rut, whether we realise it or not.

When we travel to new or different surroundings it can help us reset our mind and body, as we have to be fully present and in the moment. This in turn helps to lower our stress levels, which helps to improve our immune system.

Seaside or city break

Whether you’re a fan of open water and picturesque surroundings, or prefer the bustle and vibrancy of city life, an escape to either location can provide you with a bit of escapism.

Seaside escapes are ideal if you don’t often get to go to the coast. Within a few hours you’ll feel revitalised by the sea air. And if you’re brave enough to take a dip in the cold waters, you’ll instantly feel your stress levels fall – in part due to the bracing nature of the water, but also because of the healing properties of thalassotherapy.

City breaks however, shake up the senses. From bright lights, to blaring noise, a weekend away can enliven the soul. From museums to iconic buildings, art galleries to people watching potential, there’s no shortage of things to do on a city break escape. Even if you normally live in a busy urban area, when you visit another city, things that would often stress you out at home don’t have the same effect.

So, whether you’re driving from Leeds to the Lakes, catching a train from St Pancras to Biggleswade, or flying from Manchester to Malta, it’s time to pack your bags, rest, reset, and feel revitalised.



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