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Tips to Find the Finest Painting for Your Living Room

Wall art is the best icing on the cake for your living room. A subtle touch adds life to your walls and stylizes your decor! Be it wall hangings, art, and photos, they pull together your space and make it warm and welcoming. Although purchasing a piece of art for your living room is a bit tough, having your eyes on the right piece of a fine collection can help you add personality to your space where you sit every morning, manifest, meditate, or have the first sip of coffee of the day!


Choosing the right piece of art for your living room is challenging. With so many options in art galleries and even online, a homemaker can easily get confused. In this blog, we will go through tips that may help you to choose the best painting for your living room. Before moving on, let me tell you where you’d find the finest artwork – at Art on 7th!

Follow these tips mentioned below to select the perfect art piece for your living room. Go by style, size, theme, inspiration, and whatnot.


Tips to Choose the Perfect Painting for Your Living Room

The one piece of advice that you should follow while you are searching for wall art is – to look for something you’d love to have! Art should evoke joy, excitement, happiness, or a sense of calmness right at the first sight. If that doesn’t happen, don’t invest in the artwork or hang it on your living room walls.


1. Selecting art by size

Size matters when it comes to wall hangings. Keep in mind the space of the piece and the wall on which you’re planning to hang it. If the size doesn’t match the empty space, it can throw off the balance.

Moreover, considering the size of the painting is the first filter to selecting the best options. On top of that, decide the placement of the painting before you buy it. The usual painting sizes available are:

  • Oversized:  3 feet or larger
  • Large: 30 to 40 inches
  • Medium: 20 to 30 inches
  • Small: 15 to 20 inches
  • Mini: 10 to 15 inches

2. Select painting by style

If size isn’t your concern, think about the interior design. Your home may have a defined style or a point of view. Weigh this point when looking for your painting. Select the wall art depending on your home’s style, whether it is modern, traditional, coastal, etc.


Select the painting by color

Another popular tactic for selecting wall art for your living room is – finding the pieces that fit your home’s existing color scheme. It is a good starting point to find a painting that’ll fit your space perfectly.

To select the wall art by color scheme, find:

  • Colors in the painting that already exist in your living room.
  • Go bold with the colors but within the reason.

Go with your living room’s theme

The theme of your living room determines the paintings that you select. So, pick the pieces that stand out and influence the different homeware pieces, furniture, etc, in the room!


In conclusion, I’d say that selecting the right painting for your living room can make a huge difference. Thus, to make your living room and the entire home more evocative, unique, and lively, look for paintings at Art on 7th gallery.

Find the paintings that feel like ‘YOU’ and make your living space the most coveted  spot of your home!


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