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Understanding What the Hygge Concept Is Actually About

It has become public knowledge that the Nordic lifestyle is one of the healthiest in the world.

Cities such as Helsinki in Finland, Aarhus in Denmark, Bergen in Norway, and Stockholm in Sweden, always seem to be amongst the highest ranked cities when it comes to life evaluation and overall citizens’ happiness. But what makes their lifestyle so healthy, and what are some of the things that we should all start including in ours?

Hygge, a Norwegian and Danish word for the feeling of well-being that people get from being cosy and comfortable around others, has become incredibly popular in Europe and the US. In 2016, the word was actually the runner-up in the UK’s contest for the word of the year, but was defeated by ‘Brexit’. Following that, there was a surge in lifestyle books that promised to teach everyone the secrets of this practice.


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This concept is embedded in the culture of Nordic countries, where people find joy in the simplest and most soothing things. They prioritise being present and finding pleasure in just being present. To understand why hygge became so important in these countries, it is crucial to be aware of its origins. Hygge was created as a survival strategy for the long and cold winter nights, so that people didn’t end up isolating themselves.
For that reason, they invented the hygge gatherings, which were a ritual of meeting up with family and friends for the sole purpose of enjoying the company of other people. This way, they avoided the feeling of loneliness and, instead, replaced it with warmth, cosiness, and familiarity. Because of its mental health benefits, western cultures have taken an interest in this concept and have started incorporating small rituals that could resemble hygge.
The rituals revolve around using more natural alternatives to 21st-century technology. For example, when creating a relaxing atmosphere at home, people should use candles, instead of unflattering bulbs and lamps. Fireplaces, blankets, and warm drinks are a must for keeping yourself warm, while enjoying a quiet night in. Food is also an important part of this lifestyle, and people are encouraged to stick to comfort food and homemade goods.


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Hygge is not Scandinavia’s only contribution to world culture, however. All five countries are known for their great social and economic model that places them constantly amongst the best performing world economies. Each country has expanded in a different area, with Sweden and Denmark being the most tech-focused and entrepreneurial out of them. Some of the most well-known tech companies based in Scandinavia include music streaming service Spotify, fintech firms Klarna and iZettle, and telecommunications company Ericsson.

Others have tapped into new markets, becoming innovative leaders in their niche. The leading developer of online casino games, NetEnt, for example, is a Swedish iGaming company, used by some of the best online gaming operators. Meanwhile, another Swedish gambling platform, LeoVegas, was the first to tap into the online casino mobile gaming market. Because LeoVegas is a pioneer, it offers exclusive games and some of the best welcome bonuses available, which are all presented in Toppcasinobonus’s article about casino bonus, helping to illustrate just how far this infamous platform has come since its inception.

As seen, besides hygge, Nordic countries have contributed and keep doing so, in many aspects of life. Their mindset, which aligns with the idea of being present and grateful, as well as their system of welfare that focuses on human relationships and quality of life, are definitely two things that more countries should adopt.

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