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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 5 Gifts for Your Sweetheart

Keeping your romantic relationship strong requires a lot of time and effort, and taking the time to show your significant other how special they are is important.

Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to go the extra mile for your loved one. However, trying to plan a great Valentine’s Day in the age of COVID-19 is extremely difficult. Most people are under strict stay-at-home orders, which severely limits what they can do on this special holiday.

Your main goal should be to provide your partner with some fun surprises and gifts that they will love. Start the planning process early on, so you can create a memorable and special day for your loved one, rather than rushing through the planning and gift-buying process at the last minute. Wrapping your gifts can give them a touch of suspense

Are you trying to plan a special Valentine’s Day for your sweetheart? If so, check out the useful tips below. .


1. Flowers Are a Popular Valentine’s Day Gift

Before you start to shop for a Valentine’s Day gift, you need to make a list of your partner’s favorite things. Having this ready is a great way to narrow down the vast number of gift options at your disposal. For example, learning more about wine is a great opportunity to cook her dinner and tell her you researched everything to make her an amazing dinner. One of the best ways to show someone you love them is by providing them with a gorgeous flower arrangement. Roses are probably one of the most popular flowers given as gifts on Valentine’s Day, but many other flowers are appropriate as well. The main thing you have to do to get a great deal on a high-quality flower arrangement is find the right supplier.

Well-made bouquets, like this one from Bouqs will make your significant other feel special. If you wait too long to order a flower arrangement, you might have a hard time getting it delivered on Valentine’s Day. This is why you need to order flowers well in advance. 

Aside from flowers, you can also buy a diamond ring if you’re planning to propose to your girlfriend to signify your love and commitment. It is the most romantic and lovely way to express your feelings to someone you love. Therefore, remember to get the ring as soon as possible to take advantage of your opportunity to propose.


2. Gift Basket

Whether you are in the US ,UK  or Canada A gift basket would be a thoughtful and versatile gift  for your sweetheart. You can choose from among 100’s of gift basket models ( get gift baskets canada deals here ) based on your loved one’s preferences.  You could go with a selection of their favorite chocolates, gourmet snacks, luxurious spa gift baskets, or a combination of delightful treats. The  items in a gift basket not only showcase your attention to detail but also create a delightful surprise for your special someone.  You can show your affection and thoughtfulness with a gift basket that is sure to make this Valentine’s Day memorable for your sweetheart.


3. Spice Things Up In the Bedroom

Valentine’s Day is known as the lover’s holiday. If you plan on having a romantic evening with your partner, then consider getting some playful things to spice things up. Investing in things such as sexy outfits or even adult board games can be a lot of fun. If you are unsure about what to get, then you may want to consult with your partner.

By having a heart-to-heart with your partner, you can make a list of items that you both want to use in the bedroom. Luckily, there are tons of online suppliers that offer adult toys. With some online research, you can find the right supplier and a great deal on the toys you both want.

4. Provide Your Love With Great Food and Drink

The average person spends around $200 on Valentine’s Day gifts. If you want to spend your money on something that your partner will love, then you need to gather some important information. Does your soulmate love having a glass of wine? If so, schedule a virtual wine tour and take part in it together. These modernized wine tours allow you to sample the spirits a winery has to offer from the privacy of your home. However, if you are more interested in a wine tour or vineyard, visiting and experiencing itself would be a great option as you can enjoy the incredible views and authentic taste of fermented and best wines in person. These tours are both affordable and extremely enjoyable.

Don’t forget to get some delicious cheeses and meats to pair with your wines. Having the wine and cheese as an appetizer and then preparing a delicious homemade dinner is a great Valentine’s Day date night idea.


5. Take Your Partner on a Hike

Many people are starting to feel stir crazy after being locked in quarantine for the majority of 2020. If you are tired of being inside, then planning a Valentine’s Day activity that is outside is a must. There are tons of outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your partner. Taking a hike in a scenic location can be a lot of fun. And don’t forget to plan for a delicious picnic that you and your love can enjoy in the outdoors.

Being able to sit in nature and have a delicious meal can be fun. The great time you have on a hike date will be something you remember for a long time to come. If your partner is relatively new to the world of hiking, be sure to choose a trail that is easy to navigate. Choosing the right trail will allow you to soak in nature without making it uncomfortable or putting either of you in danger.


6. Genealogy Kits Make Great Gifts

Has your partner expressed an interest in finding out more about their family and ancestry? Over the past few years, genealogy kits have become extremely popular. These at-home DNA tests allow you to find out more about where you came from. Ideally, you want to find a DNA kit manufacturer that has a great reputation and competitive prices.

Check out the features of each kid and look at the reviews a company has received from past customers to help you choose the right genealogy kit for your partner.


7. Plan a Weekend Getaway

Being an adult can be extremely stressful at times. If you and your significant other need to get away for awhile, surprise them with a weekend trip for Valentine’s Day. Renting a home is a great way to make your weekend away more comfortable. With all of the online vacation rental booking websites on the market, finding a good deal on a  short-term rental will be a breeze.

Taking your partner to a place that has plenty of tourist attractions can be very fun, or choose a home with special amenities such as a hot tub or luxury kitchen. When planned properly, these weekend getaways will allow you to make memories that last a lifetime. While booking a short-term vacation rental might be expensive, it is worth the money considering the comfort and appeal these rentals offer.


Make This Valentine’s Day Special

If you want to make this Valentine’s Day one that your partner will remember, then you need to start looking for their present right away. With the advice in this article, you can find a gift that your significant other is sure to love.


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