What Are The Health Benefits Of Playing Pickleball?

Playing sports is generally good for ensuring your overall health and wellbeing. If you’re not a huge fan of playing tennis or baseball, there are many other types of sports for you to choose from! 

One of the best and most interesting sports you may not have considered is pickleball. This paddle sport is a hybrid of ping-pong, tennis, and badminton typically played on a court around half the size of a tennis court.

The whiffle-type ball is lighter than a typical tennis ball and players are armed with a light paddle that is only slightly bigger than the ones usually used in a game of ping-pong. From the scoring system in Pickleball to its universal accessibility as a sport, participating in a game is a pretty unique experience!

Not only that but there are also a few key health benefits associated with playing pickleball, which we will delve into in this article.


Greater Flexibility And Agility

The pickleball moves slower than a tennis ball which makes the game much easier on an older body.

Pickleball requires you to move your whole body at all times throughout the game, automatically improving flexibility. This keeps your joints working in tip-top shape and could even work towards preventing serious conditions in the joint such as arthritis. After all, to keep your joints flexible, they require regular and consistent exercise! 

Players of any age can continue to tone their muscles and improve agility by trying their hand at this sport.


Improved Balance And Strength

An exciting game of pickleball can also do wonders for improving your balance. Any type of regular activity can work towards improving our balance even as we begin to age. With lots of dedication and practice, a player can perfect their pickleball game through increased footwork, stamina, and overall control – helping them to stay balanced.

Stronger muscles due to repeat pickleball games will result in an improved ability to independently perform tasks without needing other people’s assistance, whether that’s carrying your shopping bags or going for a long walk to clear your mind.


Boosts Mood And Mental Health

Pickleball is excellent for your mental health. In addition to improving physical fitness, pickleball is a fun and enjoyable game that is designed to keep your mind busy and free from unwanted stressful thoughts.  

As a result, you can enjoy the competitive nature of the pickleball sport while also getting some valuable space away from more intrusive thinking. Playing against other people also reduces loneliness which may be having a significant impact on mental health.

Plus, a player’s blood pressure levels may also be improved by this type of moderate exercise. It gets the heart pumping which releases feel-good endorphins and hormones, two things that also work to take our minds off of worries.


Cardiovascular Benefits

Like tennis, playing pickleball requires you to move around quite a lot. This means that you are constantly active and keeping your body moving which helps your heart to beat faster and provides necessary blood to your body. Pickleball is, therefore, a straightforward way of reducing the risk of strokes and heart attacks, especially in the elderly. Regular pickleball playing means better overall cardiovascular health!


Burn Calories And Lose Weight

Pickleball is a moderate aerobic exercise sport that is much like tennis but sans the typical aggression. The game is ideal for older adults who are looking for a non-strenuous way to get their daily activity in.

Again, pickleball keeps your body moving at all times which helps your body to burn any available fat that may lead to obesity later in life. Playing pickleball could help you to burn up to 40% more calories than you would typically burn while walking!

Thanks to this, the sport may positively contribute to weight loss or weight management – keeping you looking and feeling your best at all times.


Improves Overall Health And Wellbeing

Pickleball is a great sport for individuals who have suffered a major injury in the past. If you cannot comfortably go for a run or take yourself on a daily walk as it is just too uncomfortable for you, pickleball is a fun alternative. As we have mentioned before, many seniors also love pickleball for its ease of play and the numerous health benefits that it provides.



There are several key health benefits of playing pickleball. Regular exercise through this fun and exciting sport will strengthen the body, keep the heart healthy, and improve mental health. You truly couldn’t ask for more from a sport!




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