What to Do with Travel Downtime

Both international and local travel are great ways to spend your time and will return as one of the most widespread pastimes in the world.

It is, however, quite cliched to say that the journey is as important as the destination, and many will not agree with this as they spend hours waiting in an airport or for the next train. There is a large amount of downtime when you travel, when the scenery or the conversation just is not exactly what you signed up for and in times like these you need to have an option to keep you entertained and busy.

There are many reasons you may have downtime as you travel, and these can range from waiting for connections at stations, airports or bus terminals. Check ins and check outs can be crowded, and long train or bus trips may have some great scenery in parts, but through all this you may need to consider various entertainment options.


Handheld gaming devices

A small portable self-contained video game is the perfect way to keep yourself entertained as you travel. Ensure that you have a device that can take several different game cartridges or with enough storage for a range of games. It must also be able to be charged wherever you are, so include a universal charger with connections suited to the country or province you are in. There is a wide range of portable hand held games – choose the right one for you and you will be blessed with hours of free entertainment.



Listening to music or watching music videos is a great way to spend your down time. This can all be saved on your mobile technology or accessed through the cloud via your mobile phone. There are also some great music podcasts available for free from reputable platforms; look into this and you too will be able to watch acts like DJ Khaled and more for free as you travel.



Carry a Kindle or get the right software that will allow you to read on one of your mobile tech devices as you go. Many of us love to feel the pages as we trawl through our favorite authors but carrying these on your travels can prove a difficulty.


Card games

These are great, but unless you play solitaire, you may need a travel companion or two to make up the numbers. Nevertheless, having a pack of cards with you for solitaire will come in handy.


Online games

There are many great examples of exciting online games and with the recent boom in online gaming, you must do thorough research and read the reviews on the site that you have chosen to use. Ensure that you know if there are any costs involved and if you intend to play some bingo or blackjack, then make sure you understand the game and how any bets will work.



Lastly, you could always sleep, and this has proven to be one of the top pastimes for those waiting at stations and airports. Yet for a peaceful, restful sleep you will also need some planning: a pillow and neck rest, for example, will make the seating a whole lot more comfortable.

If you are a traveler of any description, then you will know that the time spent in transit can be fascinating. The scenery, local people, local food and culture are all the things that many of us travel for and will normally keep you entertained and involved in your trip. However, should you have a slower-than-expected train or long delays for your flight, you will need to have some alternatives.

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