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What You Should Know About Sub-Ohm and MTL Vaping Tanks

Cloud chasers and flavor enthusiasts often use sub-ohm tanks. These tanks are made for direct lung (DL) inhales, where the vapor enters into the lungs directly. Sub-ohm tanks usually have bigger airflow slots and coils with lesser resistance, leading to more vapor production and warmer vape. They are commonly used for high VG (vegetable glycerin) e-liquids that make thick, dense clouds. People who love making large clouds and strong taste experiences often like sub-ohm vaping.

Advantages of Sub-Ohm Tanks

Sub-ohm tanks create large vapor clouds due to low-resistance coils and high-wattage devices, which quickly turn e-liquid into thick vapor. They also enhance flavor because bigger coils and more airflow convert more e-liquid at once, making them ideal for vapers seeking impressive clouds and rich flavors. If you want intense vapor and taste, sub-ohm tanks are a great choice.

Considerations for Sub-Ohm Vaping

Despite these advantages, there are some things you should also think about when it comes to sub-ohm vaping. Sub-ohm tanks use up more e-liquid and battery energy compared to MTL tanks, so you might need to refill often and recharge your battery more frequently. The high wattage and greater vapor creation can lead to quicker coil deterioration, which may require you to change your coils more frequently. Moreover, sub-ohm vaping might feel harsher on the throat especially if someone is beginning with DL inhales. It’s very important to start using lower nicotine strengths and slowly adapt to higher wattages so as not to get too much nicotine or irritate your throat.

Understanding MTL Tanks

MTL (mouth-to-lung) tanks are for those who prefer vaping like smoking a cigarette, offering tighter airflow and high-resistance coils for a more restricted, cooler vapor. You draw the vapor into your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs. These tanks are frequently chosen by those who used to smoke and people starting out their journey of vaping. MTL tanks are commonly paired with e-liquids that have more PG (propylene glycol) content.

Advantages of MTL Tanks

MTL tanks, in specific, have many benefits. These types of tanks are beneficial for individuals who are switching from smoking to vaping because they give a tighter draw and produce cooler vapor. This feeling is more similar to the sensation experienced during smoking cigarettes. MTL tanks also use less e-liquid and battery power when compared with sub-ohm ones which means that the coils and battery life last longer. Furthermore, when inhaling the vapor from MTL vaping, it feels less intense and softer on the throat. This makes it more suitable for vapers who have a sensitive reaction to strong and rough throat hits.

Considerations for MTL Vaping

MTL vaping is often recommended for those who are new to vaping or have previously been smokers. However, it might not offer the same amount of vapor production as sub-ohm vaping does. The tight draw and more resistant coils in MTL setups restrict the quantity of vapor created, giving smaller clouds and less intense flavor taste. MTL tanks may not be ideal for vapers who like DL inhales or enjoy producing big clouds (cloud chasing). But, if you want to get a great vape experience that’s similar to smoking and provides fluid draws of vapor, then an MTL tank is perfect for you. When exploring different vape tank options, consider visiting your local vape shop for expert advice and a wide selection of sub-ohm and MTL tanks to suit your vaping preferences.

Think about what you like to vape, your experience in vaping, and the kind of vaping style you want. If you love making big clouds and getting strong flavors, then a sub-ohm tank might be better for this. But if your goal is to have smoother hits that are similar to smoking a cigarette, then an MTL tank is probably more suitable for what you need. The best tank for you is what suits your own vaping likes and aims.

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