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Why are Horse Racing Event Dress Codes Strict?

A look at why horse racing venues around the world that attract the rich and famous, and sometimes royalty, tend to have strict dress codes.



While it’s usually not compulsory, most major horse racing venues around the world often have strict dress codes, some more strict than others. Horse racing tends to attract the upper class of society, and they like to show off their wealth by dressing smartly. Both men and women are known to dress in their finest clothes to attend horse racing events, but why?

Here we will be taking a look at why it is deemed important by racegoers to dress to the nines by wearing expensive dresses and suits, top hats for men, fashionable hats for women, and even certain other items of formal clothing. Dressing for the races does not normally include shorts, jeans, and t-shirts, for example.


What do women wear at the races?

When many people think of a day at the races, the images of smartly dressed people will come to mind. A strict dress code may not be compulsory at every horse racing venue in the world, but the vast majority do request people to dress smartly, and it’s almost expected by the people who attend these events to wear stylish clothes. Some horse racing venues are known to be extremely strict and have a specific dress code that must be adhered to, or you can be refused entry, even if you have a ticket.

The types of clothes that must be worn by women at certain locations and specific dress codes are as follows. Women must wear elegant daytime dresses or skirts. The skirts cannot be too short, which means that they often must be knee-length or longer. Outer clothing items, such as shawls, hats, gloves and scarves, can also be worn. In some cases, hats MUST be worn. Ladies are also generally permitted to wear suits and stylish shoes, but shoulders and stomach areas must always be covered.


What do men wear at the races?

Men generally have to wear a dark suit (e.g., navy blue, grey, or blackjack), depending on the venue, plus smart shoes. Hats, ties and/or bow ties are also a must. They can also wear waist coasts and top hats. Some of the best dressed people in horse racing today can always be found at Ascot, Aintree, Saratoga, Santa Anita, Flemington Racecourse, and Churchill Downs. Depending on the time of year may also determine exactly what clothes may or may not be worn.


What to do after the outfit is sorted?

If you’re looking to visit any of these famous racetracks and dress to impress other like-minded racegoers, you can purchase tickets from a variety of trusted third-party online ticket vendors. As well as this, the best part of a day at the races is trying to pick a winner and having a flutter. To get properly involved along with these racegoers, all you have to do is look for the latest horse racing betting odds. There are hundreds of markets for some of the most prestigious horse racing events in the world just waiting to be checked out.


Why do people dress to impress at the races?

Don’t forget that not every racecourse in the world requires you to dress a particular way. However, most people who attend such events are usually aware that it is part of horse racing culture and are more than happy to dress up. You wouldn’t want to be the worst dressed person, which is why everyone goes that extra mile to show off.

Don’t forget that horse racing events tend to attract the well-to-do (royalty, prosperous families, politicians, dignitaries, and other affluent people), and these are the kinds of people who will also naturally dress well for the occasion. People like to enjoy a day out at the races, and dressing up in their smartest attire just adds to the memorable occasion.


What not to wear at the races

Things to avoid wearing at the races are clothes that expose too much of the body (e.g., overly plunging necklines or extremely short skirts), impractical shoes, fancy dress, dirty work clothes, t-shirts, jeans, tracksuit bottoms or scruffy clothes in general.



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