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Why Exercise: A Few Obvious Reasons and a Few Unexpected Ones

Everyone seems to know that sports and physical activity – it is useful, but not always possible to tear yourself away from the couch and go to a workout. Sound familiar? To make it easier to decide, we’ve put together a list of motivating reasons to start exercising, get out for a run or try an unusual sport.


Everyone has heard that sports equals health, but what is the connection? First, it’s about blood vessels and the musculoskeletal system, which are designed for the right dose of activity – in our world of thriving hyperdynamics, getting it without regular exercise isn’t easy. If you spend most of the time behind the monitor and you don’t have a dog, it’s worth adding at least some exercise to your schedule – at least your back will thank you!


If life from morning to night consists solely of work, even watching Netflix or playing at doesn’t bring you positive emotions, and you’ve long thought it worthwhile to carve out some free time to distract yourself, sports are the perfect hobby. Just do not choose banal fitness, and something intricate, so then talk about the new hobby on the envy of friends.

Good Mood

Of course, moderate exercise makes us happier. There is a biochemical connection: physical activity produces adrenaline, and in conjunction with it – endorphins, this cocktail minimizes pain in the muscles to adapt them to exercise, and at the same time adds joy. A kind of internal opium, but extremely beneficial.

Contact With the Body

Psychologists often talk about how important it is to regain contact with the body in stressful situations: we don’t even always notice that our arm is clenched, our back is arched, and our face is tense, which can lead to chronic problems. Physical activity forcibly turns our attention to the body and forces the brain to remember that connection. Additional Resource: What Is a Portable Gym?

Creating Core Values

Sport is not only about improving your health and mental strength with moderate activity but it also teaches important values that will help you throughout your life and allow you to become a true gentleman. Sport teaches you respect for your opponents first and foremost. You begin to see them not just as opponents, but as people who, like you, strive to conquer heights. For example, you can look at old no-holds-barred fights, where the fighters, even after a brutal match, are extremely respectful to each other. Sports teach discipline by helping you become more responsible. You’ll become more focused on long-term goals and stop chasing short-term gains.

It also helps you understand that there are no victories without defeats. The urge to win will remain the same and even intensify, but if you lose, you’ll be calm and reasonable because it’s another step toward achieving your goals. This skill will help you to cope with any problems in life, to do it as calmly and with dignity as possible. Finally, you’ll understand that you can’t get results without hard work.


Expansion of a social circle logically follows from the previous point. And how else can adults get new acquaintances, if not through new hobbies? You can and a bar, of course, but it does not always end well.


Sports immediately draws a string of ideas for travel, big and small. A weekend on the ski slope, a week of sailing in the sea, or even catching ocean waves on a board. When you count yourself among the sports community, you start dreaming bolder.


Starting to do something new, you have to pull up your knowledge of the topic as well. Sports seem to be a fairly applied thing, but can also awaken curiosity from a completely unexpected angle, whether it’s thematic documentaries or a historical excursion.

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