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Why Opening Our Eyes To The Details Is An Important Life Skill

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If there is one constant in this life, it’s that we have to pay attention to the details. Ernest Hemingway wrote that it’s the details of how we live our life that distinguish us from others, while Stephen King penned that the truth is in the details.

That said, we don’t all have to be the recipient of the Bram Stoker Award to know details are important. By opening our eyes to them, whether it’s in business, entertainment, or sport, we can make lifestyle changes, learn more about a subject, and go deeper than the surface.


Details In Business

To be a successful business person, a good work-life balance is essential, and Denmark has set the bar for this lifestyle. That said, in business, you also need to be able to pay attention to the details. For example, most people know to read over contracts carefully so that you don’t miss key points. Mark McCormack reiterated something similar in his book called ‘What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School.’ He told his readers that what something is legally called in a contract alters everything else.

The founder of IMG Sports gave the example of when he was negotiating Gary Player’s golf iron contract with Shakespeare Golf. IMG wanted to do a separate deal with another company for golf grips, so in the contract with Shakespeare Golf, they narrowly defined golf iron, leaving out any mention of grips in the contract details, which allowed them to make another deal with a grip company.


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Details In Entertainment

There are several forms of entertainment, and the importance of details is unique to each. In movies, details can highlight the director’s favourite pastimes or be used as a love letter to fans. For example, director Lee Unkrich inserted references to The Shining in the Toy Story franchise, as the horror classic is one of his favourite movies. In other forms of entertainment, like online gambling, bettors are told to pay attention to the details by using a service that conducts a detailed evaluation of a casino’s terms and conditions. Making room for this step means individuals won’t be surprised at anything, such as if a deposit bonus comes with a play-through requirement, and these services highlight important details like whether a casino offers fast payouts.


Details In Sport

In countries like Denmark, sport is recognized as a way to build social cohesiveness. This mentality should be the norm, just as people should recognize the importance of paying attention to the details on and off the pitch. For athletes, paying attention to details can help them win a game. For fans, it can help you understand your team better. For example, there are several details in sports logos that go unnoticed. Take the New York Islanders logo. At the top of the ‘I’ in Islanders, it points to the geographical location of the team’s arena on Long Island.

Details matter, and recognizing them is a life skill, whether it’s conducting detailed evaluations of contracts, offerings by online casinos, or picking up on hidden Easter eggs in movies and sports logos.

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