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How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System? The Basics Explained

The passage of the Farm Bill in 2018 effectively legalized CBD. The public reaction was massive and immediate, and demand exploded seemingly overnight. However, in an age where CBD is federally legal but marijuana is not, the question of legality and fairness will inevitably come into play. One of these issues has to do with drug screening, […]

Visiting an Arizona Dispensary: 6 Etiquette Tips to Consider

Walking into an Arizona dispensary for the first time can be like walking into an adult’s candy factory. Except the rules are slightly different. And a little more wrapped up in legality. That’s why this post exists — to dispel the mystery around dispensary etiquette and to make your first visit a little more comfortable. Dispensaries really aren’t […]

The Healing Power of These 12 Plants

Did you know that plants were being used for medicinal reasons 60,000 years ago? The power of plants is that they have grown with the world and that each is uniquely able to treat different ailments and symptoms in humans. Are you interested in learning more about what each of these plants has to offer? Continue reading […]

Lockdown Beauty

COVID-19 has hit us with a colossal bang. Most of us are still not quite believing that we could be experiencing a pandemic of this kind which is now forcing us to slow down and take care of ourselves as well as those around us.  Self-isolating and staying safe in our own homes are Government […]

Who Are the Youngest Players in the NBA?

  Every basketball fan loves to see exciting new talent break through. So, who are the young guns most likely to be the biggest stars in the NBA in the years to come?   Aleksej Pokuševski This Serbian-born giant is currently the youngest player in the NBA to be an active pick for his team. […]