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Visiting an Arizona Dispensary: 6 Etiquette Tips to Consider

Walking into an Arizona dispensary for the first time can be like walking into an adult’s candy factory.

Except the rules are slightly different. And a little more wrapped up in legality.

That’s why this post exists — to dispel the mystery around dispensary etiquette and to make your first visit a little more comfortable.

Dispensaries really aren’t intimidating, but they can seem like it. But knowing how you should act in a dispensary can give you the confidence and information you need to make your first, potent marijuana purchase.

So keep reading for 6 etiquette tips to consider when visiting an Arizona dispensary. We understand how exciting a trip can be, and will help you make your first visit as seamless as possible.


  1. Research

Before visiting an Arizona dispensary, know what you want. Pre-rolls, edibles, cartridges — there are plenty of options to choose from. Showing up unprepared will overwhelm you and slow down the line.

Understand the different ways to consume weed and understand some basic cannabis terminology. Dispensary employees will be happy to help any novice, but do some legwork beforehand to streamline the business transaction at hand.


  1. Understand the Law

Buying marijuana in Arizona is fairly easy since it’s legal. But recreational weed use isn’t federally legal and is only permitted in certain states.

Different states also have different laws. Look up local Arizona marijuana laws to understand how your usage is affected by them.


  1. Do You Need It for Medicinal Purposes?

Even if you’re also smoking weed for recreational purposes, you could get a medical card. Symptoms such as insomnia, depression, and anxiety are common reasons for users to obtain one.

Medical cards are especially important for users to expand their range of dispensary options and access lower-priced products. So if you’re experiencing any symptoms that could be alleviated by marijuana, consider getting a card.


  1. Bring ID

If you’re underage, turn away. Dramatically patting your empty pockets with a slack jaw when asked for an ID will never work at qualified dispensaries like

Bringing ID is incredibly important, as there’s little less disappointing than realizing that you need to drive back home for it. So for every visit, bring at least a piece of official identification. That means driver’s licenses, passports, etc.

  1. Budget

Dispensary marijuana is high-quality but can also be fairly pricey. There is also a range of medicinal marijuana costs, but the quality tends to be proportionate to the price.

Arizonans are taxed a total of 21.6% for every weed purchase. While calculating the budget you should bring to a dispensary, always make sure to calculate tax or just bring a little more.


  1. Don’t Show Off

Dispensaries are explored by a wide range of customers. Novices, casual users, marijuana aficionados — so no matter what, don’t feel too much pressure to know so much, and to express that you know so much.

Employees at dispensaries aren’t trying to size up customers on their knowledge. It’s also a waste of time to peacock your intelligence about marijuana if it’s slowing down sales.

So don’t worry about making brilliant conversation. Give the dispensary employee just enough information so that they can curate a product for you to check out.


Get Ready to Visit Your Next Arizona Dispensary

Etiquette at dispensaries is more important than you’d think. So while purchasing marijuana at an Arizona dispensary shouldn’t involve so much pressure, understand that being polite at a dispensary is more about a simple “please” and “thank you”.

If this article helped you understand dispensary etiquette, then check out the rest of our site! We’ve got plenty of information or smokers and non-smokers alike.


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