4 Style Tips to Make Your Outfit Tasteful and Stylish!

As Covid-19 has taken the forefront in most of our lives, many people have probably not really had how they look on their minds. Many people are stuck at home in various lockdowns, and there is no reason for them to get out of their pajamas.

But, what about when it’s all over? There is going to be a time when the Covid-19 Pandemic will be a memory, and we will all have to go bleary-eyed out of being sequestered in our houses.

So, since we can’t just spend all day playing video games or on PlayCroco Casino, what are some tips to looking stylish when we have to go out again?


Trendy Yet Timeless

Trends aren’t inherently a bad thing. Many people may think that trends are something you shouldn’t follow. That if you do follow a trend, then it makes you some kind of mindless sheep following the crowd.

This is not true! Trends can be really fun to participate in. Especially if something has a reason for being trendy. For instance, black masks are a bit of a trend now. That’s not a bad thing! They do really look nicer than surgical ones.

But one shouldn’t go so far in the other direction. You should not let trends make up the entirety of your whole identity. If your style is simply going from one trend to the next, then you are never going to look timeless.

It is also bad for your mind to try and follow every trend. It could make you feel like that is the only way you can fit in and be accepted. That if you stand out people will make fun of you.

This is very unhealthy for the mind. So, it is important to follow trends tastefully, rather than blindly.

What does that mean though? It simply means that you should try and make the majority of your outfit what is called “timeless.”

If you have a timeless outfit, it means that it is something that looks good when it was made, it looks good now, and it will probably always look good.

A great example of a timeless outfit is the men’s suit. Although patterns and cuts may vary from decade to decade, the overall aesthetic will probably always look appealing.

Think about pictures of people from the early 20th century. They still look good today. If they were magically teleported to modern times, they probably wouldn’t look that out of place.

Maybe depending on what they are wearing you might think they are old fashioned, but they would fit in perfectly fine with modern businessmen, and other people who wear suits most of the time.

So, this brings me to my main point, how can you keep a modern look, and maybe even a trendy look, into a timeless outfit? The answer is accessorizing!

The first thing you should do is make an outfit that you like the look of for itself. Nothing trendy in it, and nothing you are only wearing because it is trendy or commonplace.

Then, you can simply just add a piece of clothing or accessory that is currently trendy. So maybe try slacks and a polo shirt, but with a nice pair of sneakers! That will add a modern aesthetic to a classic outfit.

This can be a great way not only to give your outfit a modern look but also to make you look your age. It may not be the best idea if you are young to dress like a much older person. So, adding a little splash of youth could go a long way!


Not so Flashy

A good tip for anyone when designing their style is to not make it too flashy. Bright colors are great, and definitely have a place, but there are some things that are better to keep low-key.

Examples of this are expensive jewelry or watches. You may think that an Apple Watch, or Rolex, or fancy gold chain would be a good accessory, but you might want to hold back. Having a watch that monitors blood pressure is a great to be trendy without looking flashy. See superwatches.com for a list of blood pressure watches.




Think about the reason you want that item. Is it because you really like how it looks on you? If that is the case, then in my personal opinion, I say go for it! Your style is supposed to be a reflection of you, do what you enjoy.

But what if you are doing it simply to show off, or to ‘flex’ your wealth. Then, you should pass it up. Showing off is never a good thing. It makes the people around you feel worse, and it ultimately is a fake way to make yourself happy.

When showing off, we can find pleasure in the awe and admiration of our peers but it is ultimately a fake kind of pleasure. Once that awe wears off, we will need to immediately find the next thing to show off about to feel good about ourselves.

Then it becomes a vicious cycle. You feel you need to show off, so you buy something to show off. Then, that adoration wears off, so we buy more things to show off. And the cycle never ends.

This could make it seem like your entire personality consists of being arrogant, and wanting to show off. This is not what you want. Your clothes are an expression of who you are, and people don’t like a show-off.

Along these same lines, it is best not to wear other kinds of clothes that are just flashy, or eye-catching. Bright colors, expensive items, and name brand clothing are a bad way to express who you are.

You want people to notice you for who you are, not because of what you wear. You, as a person, are the most important part, and it’s worthwhile for people to want to know you for who you are.


A Splash of Color

A great tip is to add some nice color to your outfit! I know many people who like to wear only blacks and shades of gray, and it’s worthwhile to realize how nice the rainbow is!

So experiment! Try wearing a pair of bright red rain boots with your outfit, or maybe a beautiful floral dress, or anything else! Colors can really accent your natural features, and it may be worthwhile for you to find ones you like.

Now, doesn’t this contradict what I just said? I thought bright colors were too flashy! Well, the answer to that is yes and no.

Bright colors can be flashy if they are too bright. For instance, neon or fluorescent colors found on sportswear might be worthwhile to avoid. But a nice crimson or ultramarine blue can be very nice!


Dress for You

That slight confusion leads me to my final tip for being stylish. That is to simply dress how you want to dress! If you enjoy wearing anything that I said you might want to avoid, then wear it!

How you dress is an expression of yourself. It is supposed to be how you want to present yourself to the world. So, dress for you! Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot wear. Especially not some oaf article writer on the internet!

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