7 Wall Art Ideas for your Home

Wall art is synonymous with modern home décor. And an empty wall, even with the most delicate paint, exudes feelings of anxiety and depression. Yet, did you know that with the least effort, well-thought wall décor can transform a dull living space into a stylish, complete, and polished one? Indeed, there are lots of wall decoration ideas and trends to suit your home. Then, check out our seven best-pick trendy wall art ideas you can try today: –

Painted Rock Magnets

Think of wall art ideas using natural materials when looking for wall decor that will last. For this, we recommend decorating your indoor space with painted rock magnets. Paint something special on beach stones, shells, or pebbles using acrylic paint and some high-quality varnish finish. Then, find the right product to attach a magnet to the rock before displaying your artwork on your walls.


Mirrors are a timeless must-have for personal grooming. Then, why not place them strategically on the entryway, bedroom, or living room walls to create a relaxing and inviting space? Use round mirrors to renovate the walls when you want these wall art as your focal points. Likewise, opt for mirrors on distressed frames for a vintage appeal.

Nature Paintings

We form strong emotional connections with nature portraits. For this, mount your favorite abstract nature painting décor in each room to express your personality and mood. Think of relaxing pieces in blue or natural tones for your bedroom. Second, turn your living room into a mini-art gallery using figurative works in varying mediums and frame styles. Or, use canvas landscapes of seasonal fruits on your kitchen walls, contrasting the stainless kitchenware and tile finishing. Better still; go bold in your dining room with oversized nature paintings in striking colors.

Family Portraits

Do you have a family photo wall? If not, now is the time to display your family portraits in clusters to tell a beautiful story about your family. Use clips, metal wires, or any other sleek accessory to display the photos parallel to each other. Opt for picture frames of the same color, alternating rectangular frames in vertical and horizontal positions. Finally, add displays of inspirational quotes to cherish everyone featured on the family photo wall. Strategic family photo walls include the staircase wall and the wall above your work area or desk.

Wall Mural and Stickers

Give your walls a soul vibe by adding stickers and murals. Murals and stickers hung at the right spot can inform, inspire, and set the mood you want. These wall art ideas are easy to execute since they are affordable, mess-free, and leave no residues, dents or paint on your walls. Decide on your interior décor theme. Then, save on hiring a painter by applying the wall decal directly on the smooth wall surfaces on wallpaper.

Custom Posters

Custom wall posters retail in various themes, including rustic, modern, vintage, retro, and classic styles. They are excellent for kids’ playrooms to inspire the young ones towards a healthy lifestyle. For example, print the alphabet comprising of happy characters to get your kids to love reading. Or recreate a favorite fairy tale story using custom posters around the nursery walls. Also, print a positive affirmation quote on custom posters to reflect on the message every time you pass through the room.

Custom Constellation Map

Finally, when looking for wall art ideas to spark fun conversations, opt for custom constellation maps. It is a night sky print customizable to a particular date, time, and location. Use it to bring stargazing indoors by capturing your birthday, anniversary, or other special dates on your wall.


As you decide on the wall art ideas for your space, visualize the final look and how it will blend with your current décor. Measure the wall space available to avoid overcrowding your empty spaces. Then, buy the correct mounting hardware for a seamless installation. Start by installing your favorite wall art pieces and build the rest of the wall décor from there. And rearrange any fixtures that may obstruct direct light to the wall décor.


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