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A Look at Some of Valentino’s Most Exclusive Products through the Decades

The fashion house of Valentino turned sixty in 2020, which provides us with a perfect occasion to go through the Italian designer house’s top collections, released over six decades.

The list we have here includes Valentino shoes, couture dresses and bags, all of them made specially for one reason or the other. Understand that some of these might be out of production, but most of the ones mentioned here are likely going to be available, albeit at a high price that is expected from top of the line luxury brand products.


The Polka Bootie

Sporting black, pink and red, these ankle boots managed to make something as classic as black leather, work in perfect sync with contrastingly brighter hues of pink. Pink polka dots on top of a red strip of leather adorned the back of the shoes, while polka dots in red on the off-white leather patch gave the pair a unique character. These colorful ankle boots symbolized diversity in fashion with astute perfection; something that would have made them a bigger hit, had these been released in recent times.

This particular bootie was one of the only few Valentino shoes to ever be made in that design language, which is why it’s so rare to find a pair of these nowadays. If you do manage to find a pair, this pair of leather boots with platform heels will likely cost you lot more than the newer models, due to the novelty value. Many are of the opinion that Valentino should bring back the polka bootie again soon, especially since the world has changed to accept diversity more freely now – something that the multicolored ankle boot so naturally exudes.


Black Valentino Garavani Combat Boots

If you are the type of woman who prefers a more classic look than the polka dot style mentioned above, then we suggest taking a look at the Black Valentino Garavani Combat Boots. True to the “combat boot” moniker, this is one of those few Valentino shoes with a rubber sole, designed to match sophistication with practicality. What this means is that they are one of the sturdiest leather-made ankle boots for women you will ever find at a luxury boutique, along with being one of the most sophisticated designs in the segment as well.

The almond toed, lace-up boot has an adjustable pin-buckle strap, which sports the iconic VLogo. As expected from the Combat Boot series of Valentino shoes, this pair will sport the typical full shearling (beige) lining inside, with a bigger antique gold (toned only) VLogo right in front. You will find a curated collection of Valentino Garavani Combat Boots and most of the other exclusive Valentino shoes for women on the linked website. They are a luxury boutique with a massive collection of products from the best brands across the world, so browse a bit if you are looking for something else.

Black Valentino Garavani Medium Rockstud Spike Bag

One of the most expensive Valentino bags in production today, this one is the designer’s crown jewel. The Valentino Garavani Medium Rockstud Spike Bag is a lambskin shoulder bag with a removable curb chain (detachable lanyard clasp), and a fold over flap that sports the light gold (toned only), metal logo. Lined in red, you will also find another one of the two logos inside, but this one is made up of pure leather, instead of metal. What sets this particular model in the Valentino Garavani series aside from the others is its unique, quilted and buffed design, complete with multiple pyramid Rockstuds both in front and the back of the bag.


The Black Velvet

Valentino’s designs for exclusive, couture dresses have always managed to become an instant classic, confirming the Italian designer’s genius every single time. Out of the many couture dresses for celebrities that have been designed by Valentino over the years, the Black Velvet remains an iconic creation. The original design was released years earlier during a previous fall display, but it wasn’t until Julia Roberts received the Academy Award in the Black Velvet that the couture dress became as iconic as it is today. By today’s standards, it might be considered minimalistic, but that’s part of what makes the black velvet so beautiful. There are various other versions of the same design from Valentino available now, but in different colors of course.

Given how premium the brand already is, it is difficult to pinpoint only a few of its products and mark them as being the best of Valentino. After all, opinions will vary and it is quite possible that we did not get to take a look at some of the brand’s even finer products. Nevertheless, the items we just discussed represent the brand’s vision and identity, with a penchant towards exclusivity.

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