Commuting Fashion: Traveling Beauty Tips

When travelling, you might not be thinking about what you look like and what you are wearing.

Instead, you may be wondering how you are going to get all that luggage to the airport and what you will be doing once the plane touches down. Unfortunately, once you get on that plane, you might start feeling hot, cold, or simply uncomfortable. Because of that, planning that travel outfit ahead of time is pretty important. 

To begin with, you might want to go with a hairstyle that does not need much maintenance and wear comfortable casual clothes. Aside from that, you should opt for makeup that will last a long while without smudging, put on a few minimalistic accessories, and consider taking a few additional beauty products with you. 

Do you want to know about commuting fashion? If so, read on! Below, you will find five useful travelling beauty tips that will help you endure completing your list of things to do in Madrid.


Keep Skincare and Makeup Simple

When you are on vacation, the last thing that you want to do is spend hours in front of the mirror. For that reason, you should keep the skincare routine that you will be using as simple as possible. To do that, consider using a cleanser, a light moisturiser, and a BB cream that has SPF included.

Also, you might want to take along a facial mist or toner. It can really come in handy in warmer and more humid climates, as it will make you feel fresh and comfortable. Furthermore, do not forget to apply sunscreen if you are going outside during the day.

As for the makeup, you should go with a natural look. You might want to take along a light foundation, some concealer, a bit of mascara, and a clear lip balm. All the beauty products that you bring along should be long-lasting and easy to reapply.


Opt for a No-Fuss Hairstyle 

When you are travelling, you should opt for a no-fuss hairstyle. A messy bun or a ponytail can be a great choice because it is not only effortless but also really versatile. If you have long hair, you can consider braiding it. More complicated hairstyles might be tempting, but keep in mind that fixing such a hairstyle in a cramped train compartment or on a turbulent flight can be really challenging. For that reason, you should stick to the basics and opt for something that will not require much maintenance.


Wear Comfortable, Casual Clothes

Comfort should always come first when travelling. When you are picking out clothes, you should go with something that is comfortable and casual. A t-shirt or a blouse, some denim jeans or shorts, and a pair of sneakers should do the trick. You might also want to take along a cardigan or a light sweater in case it gets cold on the plane.

In addition to that, you should look up what the weather is going to be like at the place where you are going. For example, if the weather forecast says that it is going to be cold and rainy, you might want to pack a rain jacket and some additional layers.


Bring Minimalistic Accessories

It is important to remember that travelling is not a fashion show. Because of that, you should keep accessories to a minimum. A small pair of earrings, a bracelet, and a watch should do the trick. If you are going to be outside during the day, you might want to pack some sunglasses, too. It might not seem like it, but wearing too many accessories can make you feel really uncomfortable, especially when trying to squeeze through a crowded train or airport security.


Take Additional Beauty Products with You 

Last but not least, you should consider taking some additional beauty products with you. For example, if you are travelling to a colder climate, you might want to take a lip balm or a face cream with you. Some eye cream can also be really useful if you are going to be on the plane for a while. Furthermore, you might want to pack a small bottle of hand sanitiser, some cotton pads, and a travel-sized bottle of perfume.

A small bag of travel-sized beauty products can really come in handy on longer trips. Most importantly, it will prevent you from having to use hotel-provided beauty products, which can sometimes be really drying and harsh on the skin.


In Conclusion

All in all, fashion is a pretty important aspect of our lives. If you have any plans to travel soon, make sure that you take the time to plan the travel outfit that you will be wearing ahead of time. This way, you will be able to avoid feeling uncomfortable and feel more confident.

For starters, you should opt for a hairstyle that does not need much maintenance, wear comfortable, casual clothes, and choose the makeup that will last a long while without smudging. Other than that, you might want to put on a few minimalistic accessories and consider taking a few additional beauty products with you, such as lip balm or eye cream.  

By following all the tips listed here, you will definitely look fabulous when travelling!


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