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Forget Their Reputation: Ranch Homes Are Far From Boring


The peak of ranch housing in the US was in the 1950s when nine out of ten new builds were ranch styled homes. Further down the lane, the building boom evolved into styles that included larger two-story homes.

However, as with all housing trends, the popularity of ranch style dwellings has re-emerged. Fans of ranch homes are putting an updated spin on the iconic American design. From a modern entrance and cozy front porch, to vaulted ceilings and open kitchens, the revamped ranch house also features luxurious custom amenities. Moreover, the public takes to ranch houses once again due to their modest size and one-floor layout.


Luxurious Living

It is no surprise that even billionaires are purchasing large ranches across Montana, Texas and Wyoming. Take Amazon’s Bezos, who owns 420,000 acres of land in Texas, or billionaire Michael Bloomberg with his 4,600-acre Colorado property. The luxury real estate is thriving because of low interest rates, and ranches are attractive investments. The reasons for buying up ranches vary from needing a quiet space away from it all to spending time with nature and the outdoors.

Indeed, large ranch purchases are not only for cattle raising, but also for recreational uses, including hunting, fishing, hiking and rafting. For example, specialists at Benloch Ranch propose a community of luxuriously designed and sustainable homes in a spectacular location. Imagine living in a mountain community with world-class ski resorts, golf courses, golf simulators, pristine rivers, and natural parks at your fingertips. Combine the best of both worlds, relishing nature and the outdoors while enjoying deluxe quarters.


Ranch Homes In High Demand

You don’t have to live in rural areas to enjoy a ranch style of home. Ranch home designs continue to be popular styles because they are practical and exist in any size. With all the rooms on one floor, it is easier to control heating and cooling, making it less expensive to maintain. The uptick in demand is due to several factors, such older homeowners planning to downsize and millennials looking for an affordable starter home. Ranch style homes fit the bill as they are not expensive to build and are accessible.

The good news is even ranch homes can be well-appointed and upscale. Whether you are building from scratch or upgrading an existing structure, there are several ways to create a luxurious style of ranch house that will suit your preferences and pocket. One advantage of ranch homes is that the one-level design is highly adaptable, making it easy to remove walls and reconfigure spaces. Kitchens can be updated with marble countertops, beautiful cabinetry, and fancy lighting systems. Consider incorporating smart tech in your home, such as touch faucets with temperature indicators in bathrooms and kitchens. Upgrade to smart appliances such as refrigerators to make it easy to maintain grocery lists or connect online to order them. Showers can also be spiced up, combining steam, water, lights, and even music for a truly multi-sensory experience. Not to be overlooked are smart lighting systems and thermostats for climate control that will make use of energy efficiently and effectively.

Ranch houses are simple and practical. Although luxurious ranch homes and properties may be reserved for the ultra-rich, a ranch style home can be enjoyed by anyone with the right upgrades or features, from expansive porches and high ceilings, to open designs and use of smart technology. 

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