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All truth about Hoverwatch app: the most honest review you`ll ever read

After reading a lot of spy app reviews, you might know that all of these apps work in the same way but differ when it comes to features and performance.

These apps are specially built for parents so they can know about the location of their kids and keep themselves up-to-date with their smartphone activities. These spy apps can also be used to monitor your spouse’s phone so you’ll know who they’re texting and what’s going on.


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These are the basic features of most spy apps but you can get much more than that if you get the right one. In this Hoverwatch review, we’ll be explaining the pros and cons of the Hoverwatch app and tell you in detail whether you should spend your money on it or not. This is going to be different from all the best spy apps to download remote reviews out there as we’ll be digging a lot deeper into this app and telling you about our experience of using it for a whole month.


What is Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch is a spy app that you can use to see the smartphone activities of your kids and to keep yourself updated with where they go and with whom they spent time with.  It can be used to monitor a smartphone, tablet, and even PC but has much fewer features as compared to its expensive price.

So far you might think that it’s a good investment to buy Hoverwatch spy app but when it comes to tracking iOS devices, Hoverwatch is a total failure and can’t monitor iPhones as other parental control apps do. You can give this app a spot in reviews of top android spy apps but clearly not in the iOS.



If you want to track an Android smartphone and get all the basic functionalities such as; GPs tracking, see online conversations, browsing history etc. then you might go for Hoverwatch spy app. It’s available on all platforms, you can even monitor your child’s PC.

Hoverwatch can save online messages and show you the real-time location of your child or spouse. You can monitor your kid’s smartphone activities and set a timer to avoid playing games all day.

If you just need a few basic functionalities then you might consider installing this spy app.



Don’t even get us started on the cons of Hoverwatch app! This app is full of bugs and doesn’t provide you as many functions as other parental control apps do especially in iPhone and Mac. For us, this app worked great when we used it in free mode but as soon as we paid for its monthly subscription (which is very expensive!), we started noticing many errors.

First of all, it has very few features, and it gets even lower when it comes to iOS devices. Sometimes it shows you outdated calls and messaging logs which can be very frustrating and confusing for the person who is tracking the cell phone. If you want access to all the features (which are free in most spy apps!) then you’ve to pay a huge amount of subscription fee every month.

The customer support team is also terrible! We have been complaining for one month that the messages and calls are not being stored in the app properly and they still haven’t solved the issue. You can see a lot of their ugly reviews on trustpilot.com and decide for yourself. It’s up to you whether you want to waste your hard-earned money on a spy app that doesn’t do anything properly or want to go for an award-winning alternative spy app that is way more superior to Hoverwatch in every way.


Can I Find A Better App than Hoverwatch or Not?

There are plenty of parental control apps that are better than Hoverwatch spy app but one app that is present at the top of every reviews for best free spy apps for parents is mSpy. After testing so many spy apps and reading many reviews of top android spy apps written by famous other reviewers, we’ve come to the conclusion that mSpy is one of the best and most affordable spy apps that you can find which works for both Android and iOS.


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Let us give you a few reasons why mSpy is a much better alternative to Hoverwatch;

  • Works Perfectly For All Smartphones and Tablets

Whether you want to monitor your child’s smartphones, tablet, PC, or Mac, mSpy works great on all devices and offers you all the advance features you need to keep an eye on your kid’s activities. After using this app for around three months, we’ve never noticed a single error or lag while using this parental control app in any device.

You can also read other best spy apps to download remotely reviews as well if you want to make sure that we’re telling the truth.


  • Responsive and Easy-to-use

Out of all the spy apps out there, such as; Hoverwatch, Cocospy, SpyFone, SpyHuman etc. mSpy is the easiest and powerful parental control app you can find. Its interface is very simple and can be understood instantly by anyone.

It works in the background so your child or spouse won’t even it in their device.


  • Premium Features at an Affordable Price

As compared to Hoverwatch, mSpy is much more affordable! You’ll get much more features at nearly half the price and you also don’t have to pay more in you want to add more devices.


  • Monitor as many devices you want

Whether you want to control 1 or 10 devices, you can add as many devices you want in mSpy without paying any extra fee.


  • Real-time Location, Message Storage, and Much more

You’ll get the real-time location of your kid so you can know where he/she is going. It keeps you up-to-date with the newer messages and won’t confuse you with the old ones as Hoverwatch do. Apart from all this, mSpy offers you much more features at a very reasonable price and is the top spy app for both Android and iPhone devices.


Still don’t trust us? You can also read plenty of other spy app reviews so you can make the right decision and choose mSpy over Hoverwatch or any other parental control app.

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