How can I start a T-shirt business with no money?

Although you may be average workings stiff, you have always had an acerbic wit that keeps your friends in stitches. You may have wondered if there was a way to capitalize on your comedy.


Funny T-shirts have been popular ever since the 1970s. They are cheap to buy and let people share a bit of their own philosophy with the general public.

Starting a T-shirt business is easier than you might think and costs nothing. All you need is inspiration and a little bit of time. Gone are the days when a T-shirt business required a warehouse in which to store the shirts, a printer to get the clever sayings on the shirt, and a store in which to sell the products. These days, there are online companies that can do all the dirty work for you.


Coming up With a Shirt

If you do not already have the catchphrase or joke that you want to use in mind, you may want to do a bit of research before you begin. It helps to know some of the top trends in the T-shirt business.Starting a T-shirt business with little-to-no money is an achievable goal with careful planning and strategic decisions. One step that shouldn’t be overlooked is setting up a formal business structure for legality and professionalism. For helpful tips and procedures on how to create an llc, you should consider checking out this helpful resource. It helps to know some of the top trends in the T-shirt business.

T-shirts that reference films are always very popular, but you do not want to risk copyright infringement. The shirt, “Vote for Pedro” was very popular and it referenced the film, “Napoleon Dynamite.”

Shirts for gamers are also very popular. Shirts that feature individual characters are amongst the biggest sellers.

If you are more of a sage to your friends than a jester, you may want to create an inspirational shirt. Shirts that illustrate women’s strength in the face of adversity are a popular trend for these garments.


Setting Up A Website

Once you have decided on a design, you can set up your online store. There several different platforms from which you can sell T-shirts. They will charge you a fee for listing your products online.

You can advertise your products using social media. Although most social media platforms do offer a paid advertising option, you do not really need to pay to sell shirts. You just want to zone in on your customers.

If you have a shirt that espouses a proclivity for religion, you would want to put your T-shirt on websites that are likely to be visited by religious people.  If you have a shirt that makes fun of religion, you would want to post your advertisement to atheist groups on Facebook or  #atheist on Twitter.

Pinterest pages are a great way to advertise shirts. You group multiple shirts by category unpause music categories page on social media.


How to Get Your Shirts to Customers

The next step is to connect your online t-shirt store to an on-demand printing service, such as Printful. When a customer orders one of your shirts, the on-demand printer will take the cost of printing the shirt and shipping it out of your profits. They will then create a t-shirt and ship it to your customer. You don’t pay any money until someone actually orders a shirt.

If you create a funny shirt, get it out in front of the right people, and use an on-demand printer, you may be able to survive by wits alone.


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