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Navigating the Nightlife of Melbourne City

Melbourne City is known for its bustling nightlight. And considering the large variety of options available to people from all different walks of life, it shouldn’t be a surprise. From nightclubs to late-night diners, there is something to fit any wish you may have for the ultimate night out.

In addition, make sure you are loaded with all the essential items you might need, from credit cards to vape pens, which will ensure you enjoy yourself from sunset to sunrise. Just don’t forget that bottle of water when you get home.


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Going-Out Essentials

When hitting the town, ensuring you have all the essentials you will need throughout the night is crucial. While some items differ from men to women, there are common items that everybody will benefit from remembering. If you are a smoker, it is essential to note that smoking tobacco products in enclosed spaces and public areas is illegal. For this reason, consider switching to vaping. In Australia, you must get a nicotine prescription, so research how to get a nicotine prescription before heading out.

Other key items to remember are credit/debit cards, a small amount of cash for emergencies, chapstick, gum, and a small portable phone charger. Lastly, carry a small number of headache pills and bandaids. You might not need them, but it is better to have them just in case.

Late-Night Diners

If bars and nightclubs are a little too intense for you, the wide variety of late-night diner options in and around Melbourne city will be an attractive option for you. Boilermaker in the heart of the town offers an extensive range for the whisky and beer lovers amongst us. Along with their alcoholic choices, they serve a variety of charcuterie plates, platters, and delicious snacks.

Alternatively, Toff’s is a big hit amongst late-night bar crawlers if you are after Thai food. Designed to mimic an old train carriage with private booths, it is probably one of Melbourne’s most romantic restaurants to visit for date night.


If hitting a bar is more of your thing, look no further than 1806 in Exhibition Street to serve you the ultimate cocktail. This elegant establishment has been perfecting its craft since 1930, with its chefs working incredibly hard to find the perfect combination for you.

If cocktails don’t excite you, indulge in their extensive range of high-quality wine, whiskey, or customized brewed specialties, all served with small, delicious nibbles on the side.

Additionally, you can stop by Heartbreaker, voted the best party bar at the 2016 bar awards for Melbourne nightlife. Located in the CBD, this drinks-only location boasts a refined cocktail lounge, a 1960s rock ‘n roll playlist to get your feet tapping, and a takeaway liquor window operating until 11 pm.  You are guaranteed to have the time of your life.


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Look no further than La Di Da across King Street for the party animals out there. While it may be smaller than other nightclubs around the city, it attracts some of the best crowds for those looking to let loose and dance the night away. Friday nights include three rooms of incredible music playlists and a burlesque show, while Saturdays host a line-up of DJs and reasonably priced drinks.

If you are after something a little more ‘hipster’, Loop Project on Meyers Street is your place. Lively music of exotic beats will keep the small-ish dancefloor going until the early morning. Additionally, it offers a selection of delicious cocktails as well as indoor and outdoor chill spaces for those looking to catch up with friends. This club is also known for screening documentaries in the early evenings and weeknights.

Vegetarian Friendly

Melbourne is the gift that keeps on giving and truly has something for everyone. Pilgrim, located in the CBD, should be at the top of your list if you are after an establishment that caters to your dietary needs. It is one of the best nightclubs to visit and has an extensive vegetarian-based menu to satisfy all your cravings.

For a more relaxed option that offers prime people-watching opportunities, The BoatBuilders Yard is the ideal place to meet up with friends for great food and satisfying drinks.


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If alcohol doesn’t excite you, or you are after something different, you have a variety of activities to choose from that are budget friendly and will keep you out until the sun rises. For example, you could show off your singing talents at Charltons Karaoke Bar or get a laugh at stand-up in The Comic’s Lounge.

On the other hand, you can head to the largest casino in Australia, Crown Melbourne, which includes luxurious spas, a gambling casino, and a live theatre that regularly hosts a variety of acts.

Lastly, you can enjoy the sounds, sights, and flavors surrounding the famed Queen Victoria Markets. All during summer and winter, these markets come to life with an incredible amount of delicious food, stalls, live music, and street entertainers. There is something for everyone at these markets, and you will quickly find yourself lost in its awe.

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