On Tour with Boy Bleach

Ahead of their sold out UK/European tour, Boy Bleach hits the road with The Band CAMINO and takes 1883 Magazine on tour with them.

The members of Boy Bleach are having a wild start to the year. The band, which is known for their raucous live shows, feverish fanbase, and their signature alt-rock British sound, have already toured with Set It Off and are stepping into festival season — already hitting the stage at Great Escape, prepping for Truck Festival, and gearing up for even more to come.

Recently the band released East End Boys, an ode to the East London home and a call-of-arms of sorts for the five guys who are witnessing the gentrification of where they live. It’s one of many of the band’s tracks that showcase their perceptive and inquisitive eye, translating the world around them into songs for the world.

After supporting with Nashville’s very own The Band CAMINO and heading out on their sold out tour, Boy Bleach pens an exclusive On Tour With diary for 1883.


Travel Day: This is the first tour we’ve done where we’ve basically played show after show after show with very little down time. We’ve spent three quarters of our time in the bus trying to keep ourselves entertained. We were fortunate enough to have a working TV this time so we took full advantage and banged FIFA the whole time.


Cologne: We played the biggest show of our lives in Cologne a year ago so we were gassed to be back. Germany always treats us well and the crowd over here is amazing, they just go full throttle from the get go which suits us down to the ground. Insert mandatory Cathedral photo that we get every time we bop through.


Warsaw: This was our 3rd attempt at getting Spencer from The Band Camino hammered before the show. We like to play shot pong right before our set and I don’t think anyone actually made a shot so it was a sober night. Shout out The Band Camino for being good sports about it all though because sharing a dressing room with us ain’t easy if you like peace.


Munich: This was a tour of firsts for us, we visited a bag of cities we’d never been to before (Munich, Warsaw, Paris, Milan, Baden, Amsterdam, Vienna) so we were glad to be brought along on this one. This is a shot of Lou in soundcheck. He likes to soundcheck off stage. He says it’s to gauge the sound but we think it’s because he’s a fan. Shout out Louis.


Vienna: This is such a cool place, we were just in awe of how pretty everything was and had a banging curry the night we arrived, probably the first decent meal we’d actually managed to have this tour. The crowd here were wild and gave a lot of energy this night so we’re grateful for this place. This is Jimi at the end of soundcheck.


Glasgow: After being away for a few weeks coming back to the UK always feels good, there’s a mad shift in energy and culture and Glasgow always brings out a different version of us. We hadn’t been back here for over a year and the room was packed from front to back. We were all knackered before this show because Classic Grand has 8 thousand flights of stairs to walk up to the venue we played with all our gear in hand so that fuckin sucked. This is a shot of us “backstage” which was actually a fire escape next to the stage that we’d claimed as home for the evening.


Birmingham: We also hadn’t been back to Birmingham since we played The Sunflower Lounge so this was a change of pace. We love the small shows but there’s something about playing a rock show in front of 1000+ people that you can’t explain to anyone that hasn’t done it. It’s a mad feeling. Our show is hectic, and we kind of acted like a palette cleanse on this UK run. We were disruptive and lairy and brought a bit of Britain to the American sandwich we found ourselves in. The stage was massive so we indulged in the available space. Although at this point we still have Manchester, Bristol and our hometown of LONDON, Birmingham is gonna be a hard show to top but best believe we will.


Love to the boys in Camino for having us thus far, it’s been wild travelling Europe with them and they’re fucking great lads. Cheers.


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