Ryan Wright

Virginia based artist Ryan Wright has been making waves for her irresistibly iridescent releases. Over the last few years she has been steadily dropping single by single and with each track it only gets stronger.

Starting off in 2019 with the feisty Screw U, Ryan Wright has crafted a staple sound and image for her angsty alt/pop style, with Burn in Hell and Happy Birthday (Go Fuck Yourself) joining her repertoire of raw and relatable coming of age anthems. 

Shimmering synths and playful, animated melodies provide the backdrop for Wright’s very real, IDGAF lyrics. Her latest release A Dream I’ll Forget follows suit, with a mesmerizing glow and laid-back beat. Speaking of the ominous feeling that a relationship may be heading down the drain, the artist struggles with the harsh reality, like waking up from a dream you wish was true.

A Dream I’ll Forget is the title track for her upcoming EP. Based heavily around the themes of teenage angst and the roller-coaster emotions of journeying into young adulthood. Carving out her own place within the industry, Ryan Wright is a name you won’t forget and one you’ll be seeing a lot more of. 



Hi Ryan, congratulations on the release of A Dream I’ll Forget! What a great way to start the year. How does it feel to have it out?

I’m so pumped. Whenever I finish a song I want to immediately get it out into the world but obviously there’s a bit of a process to make that happen. So when something is finally released I feel a mix of nervous/relieved/excited. I love seeing people’s reactions to my music.


Your music is heart-wrenchingly honest and painfully relatable, with this song, in particular, speaking of the demise of a relationship and realising it’s not what you thought it was. How important is it for you to write from personal experiences and what has been the hardest song to write so far?

Probably this one. I remember feeling incredibly alone when I wrote it even though I was surrounded by people. I had family downstairs but I felt detached. Heartbreak does that I suppose.


Your debut single Screw U was back in 2019 along with Kyle Patrick. How did that collaboration come around and do you think your sound has evolved since then?

I’ve been a Click Five fan since I was 4 years old. My dad is a musician/songwriter and opened for them once just because I was so into them. After that gig my dad and TCV’s bassist Ethan Mentzer became friends and collaborators. Over the years I’ve gotten to know the whole band and Ethan is one of my producers. When I wrote Screw U, I felt that it needed a low vocal and Kyle was the obvious move. We asked and he said “absolutely!” I just recently wrote a new song with Kyle that’s one of my favorites I’ve ever written. 



With song titles such as Screw UBurn in Hell and Happy Birthday (Go Fuck Yourself) it seems as though you might use your songwriting as a form of release and therapy. Would you agree that you use your music as an outlet for pent up emotions?

Totally. I used to think I was creating characters in my songs but over time I’ve realized I have many sides. My songs are a way for me to get into my different personalities. Then I try them out in the real world.


You have a distinct sound that weaves throughout all of your songs. The music is often colorful and animated, which is contradictory to the lyrics. What comes first when you’re writing – the music or the lyrics? 

Usually all at once. I love that you hear a contradiction. I always try to push the production in the direction of the lyric so it’s interesting to hear that reaction. I love music that is sublimely heartbreaking. I love music that feels happy but might have an undercurrent of sadness. I guess that’s making its way into my music and I’m all for that.


For those who aren’t familiar with the world of Ryan Wright, can you describe your music in three words? 

Angsty, dreamy, and indie.


I’ve seen some of your live performances online and was completely blown away. You’ve clearly established a strong and polished live set. Are you hoping to tour at all this year and if so, which cities are on the cards?

I hope to. I would love to see folks react to these songs in real time. I can’t wait to tour.


You were born in the suburbs of Northern Virginia. Do you think your time there has had any influence on your sound and are there any local artists from there that you think we should keep an eye out for! 

Because my dad is a musician I was raised around tons of great musicians and artists who are like family to me. Check out Sarah Brooke Trouble, Ella Levri, and Davis Gestiehr. They are so great.



Your music is compared to the likes of Lorde, Lennon Stella and The Japanese House. If you could collaborate with any artist dead or alive, who would it be any why?

Brandon Flowers from The Killers. I’ve worshipped that band since I was 4. I even have an album of The Killers tattooed on my arm. I’m a diehard fan.


What else does 2022 have in store for Ryan Wright?

The EP A Dream I’ll Forget is now out! And we’re aiming for a second EP this year as well. The songs are all related and I can’t wait for you to hear them as a collection. I wrote them to be on a record more than just singles so I think they’re even better on the EP.


A Dream I’ll Forget is out now, follow Ryan Wright via @ryanwrightmusic


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