SPARKLING takes us on a tour of Germany, answering questions about everything from their favourite spots to their new music.

Quintuple threat Micaela Wittman isn't one to be held back. Her new film Remy & Arletta, based on the novel of the same name that she penned herself, was just released to critical acclaim. For

Mixtress sits down with 1883 Magazine to discuss the remix of Blinded By The Lights, DJ'ing, and more.

Juanita and Ben sit down with 1883 Magazine to talk about The Fear EP, their biggest 'pinch me' moments so far, and much more.

To celebrate the release of Caroline, Kingfishr sit down with 1883 to chat about their new song, what can be found on the band's rider, and so much more.

Marley Bleu chats with 1883 about her proudest career moment so far, collaborating with Pink Sweat$, and artists that inspire her in the studio. 

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