The 1883 High Life Playlist

The debut single from singer/songwriter Maisyn, the start of a new chapter for Picture This, an escape for Chet Faker & more on this week’s 1883 playlist.

Taking cues from the last year, ‘Things Are Different’ from Irish-pop/rock band Picture This pens a love song to the world & our ability to show love even when everything around us is changing, Los Angeles singer/songwriter Maisyn takes aims at the cool girl trope with her gorgeous debut ‘Cool Grl’, and chart-topper Chet Faker finds an escape in ‘Get High’. Tiggs Da Author & NINES collaborate on the punchy track ‘Fly ’em High’, indie-rock band The Snuts take their music video budget for their song ‘Somebody Loves You’ and donated it (and proceeds of the track) to the Scottish Refugee Council, and lucid pop singer Creams drops her new EP & our favourite is the track ‘SLEEP ON ME’.

More on this week’s playlist is ‘BAD BAD News’ by Tai Verdes, Vampire Weekend alumni Rostam and his track ‘These Kids We Knew’, ‘Smoke Your Weed’ by country singer Mandi Sagal, the latest from Irish singer/songwriter Cian Ducrot, and other great tracks to help start your lockdown weekend on a high note.

Check out these tracks & more in this week’s 1883 playlist.

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