The Best Tourist Spots for Gamblers in the World

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When one thinks of gambling, the common image that immediately comes to mind is that of the city of sin Las Vegas.

However, there are a bunch of other gambling spots that are renowned all over the world. Over the course of the past two years, traveling to different countries has been complicated due to the global pandemic that has forced governments to enforce strict quarantine and social distancing protocols within their jurisdictions. This made it very inconvenient and downright difficult for people to casually travel from one part of the globe to another without having to go through the hassles of strict quarantining procedures. Aside from that, there was also the added risk of possibly contracting the deadly virus while abroad.

Fortunately, the world seems to be getting better and is slowly returning back to normal. This means that people are now travelling at higher frequencies than before. Even though the gambling community mostly resided online for the most part of 2020 and 2021, it seems like casinos are now opening their doors to welcome their old patrons back home again. So, if you’re eager to try your newly acquired slot machine tricks and hacks on actual real-life casinos in the most beautiful places in the world, then go ahead and book your next flight. You can’t go wrong with any of the options that will be listed here.

Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s best to just get the obvious out of the way. There’s a reason why the city of Las Vegas is practically synonymous with the idea of gambling and casinos. Many dub Vegas as the entertainment capital of the world and it’s not all that hard to see why once you actually step foot on the strip. The city is filled with some of the most luxurious hotels, restaurants, star attractions, and entertainment venues in the world. More importantly, it’s also home to the finest and most diverse casino floors in this list. Whether you’re looking to have a weekend getaway with your buds for some casual fun or if you’re looking to win big on the high roller tables, Vegas is one of the best places to do it. Aside from Vegas, you can also visit its neighboring city Reno.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Many James Bond fans will truly understand the allure of Monte Carlo as a gambling haven. It’s a place that was featured in the iconic Casino Royale film that also happened to be Daniel Craig’s debut performance as the British superspy. The gambling landscape in Monte Carlo is a little more sophisticated than the one in Vegas and it’s usually reserved for society’s richest and most affluent gamblers. They are also very strict when it comes to dress codes, so be sure to bring your most sophisticated outfits to the poker tables before you start placing your bets.

Macau, China

In the eastern part of the world, Macau is often dubbed as the go-to place for gambling in the orient. It’s the only area of China wherein gambling is legal and actually permitted by the state government. The amount of money that flows through Macau casinos on a daily basis is even enough to rival that of Las Vegas casinos. It’s also a lot more accessible to gamblers from neighboring Asian nations like Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, and the Philippines.

London, United Kingdom

Not to be outdone, the United Kingdom also has a very rich gambling scene. More specifically, London is known to be one of the world’s best hotspots when it comes to gambling. It’s very much similar to Las Vegas in the sense that you won’t get any shortage of entertainment in London. You can catch a show on West End, have dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant, and then spend the rest of the night playing blackjack in one of London’s finest casino establishments.

Marina Bay, Singapore

Singapore is a nation that is often associated with the lifestyles of the rich and highly affluent. That’s why it served as the setting for the iconic Crazy Rich Asians blockbuster film. As you may have guessed, Marina Bay in Singapore is known as one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. Aside from its impressive collection of stores for shopping enthusiast, it also boasts of some beautiful casinos with a gaming floor space that covers more than 2,300 slot machines.

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