The Importance of Pesach Seder Plate for Celebrating Seder Custom

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The purpose of the Seder custom is to arrange and enjoy a ritual feast. This ritual feast has a great significance in Jewish culture for the celebration of freedom. On this cultural day, Jewish people gather together to eat symbolic foods, listen to the religious stories from the elder person, and drink wine or grape juices. There is a certain significance for every custom on the day, for instance, listening to the stories of Exodus helps the younger member of the family to learn about the history of their culture and religion. On this day, every family member eats six symbolic foods along with matza. To eat these symbolic foods, there is a special plate for the Jewish people, called Pesach Seder plate.

Jewish people have been using this traditional plate for several years to serve symbolic foods. Conversely, while elder people share the stories of Exodus during eating symbolic foods, the storiesof Israelites’ liberty also inspire young people.

The Symbolic Foods on the Pesach Seder Plate:

Pesach Seder plates are typically used for serving six symbolic foods and three matzos. The six traditional and symbolic foods are-

  • Karpas:This is the food that a Jewish people can have after the Kiddush prayer. Karpas is a vegetable that Jewish people preserve in saltwater. This food symbolizes hope.
  • Chazeret and Maror:These are herbs and taste bitter which reminds Jewish about the unpleasantness of slavery.
  • Charoset:Jewish people prepare this food by combining nuts, apples, and red wine. The sweet taste of this food refers to the bricks of Egyptian pyramids.
  • Zeoroah:Zeoroah or the roasted bone of a lamb refers to the sacrifice of a lamb.
  • Beitzah: The roasted egg, Beitzah on the Pesach Seder plate represents the festival sacrifice.
  • Three Matzot: Besides the symbolic foods, there are also three pieces of matzot or flat-shaped bread on the Pesach Seder plate. This food symbolically refers to the blessing over bread.

The Design of the Pesach Seder Plate:

To hold six different symbolic foods, the Pesach Seder plate includes six separate sections. This is the unique characteristic of these plates. Besides this, the manufacturers also focus on the design of the plates considering the taste of Jewish people and the traditional value of these plates. You will find a variety of Pesach plates with different designs in the market. Most Pesach plates are made up of silver metal as Jewish people prefer this metal for excellent durability and great look. However, you can also find Pesach plates, made of different materials.

Online Purchasing:

The most efficient way to purchase the Pesach Seder plates is through online purchasing. There are some efficient online stores that have a variety of Pesach plates, and you can choose your preferred one. You can also have attractive discounts from some online stores. Online purchasing allows you to compare the prices of various online stores. In particular, online purchasing saves both your time and effort. You can easily order and get the plates by using your smartphone or desktop.

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