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The latest and greatest garden and interior trends

Summer is around the corner, and people are starting to live more outside.

This not only affects the way we experience the outside environments, but also the inside. Interior design can be adjusted based on the summer feel. For example, by adding light colours to your interior as well as flowers in rectangular planters, you create a completely different atmosphere. In this article, we will dive into the latest trends that get you ready for summer.


Chilling underneath a palm tree

Dreaming away about a beach in Spain or Portugal? Think twice! There are over 130 species of palm trees that can live outside the tropical and Mediterranean climate. This gives room for you to enjoy a palm tree in your garden. Next to that, you can also keep them inside for the whole year-round. Make sure you place the tree in a pot, as they tend to influence the soil in your garden.


Add some colours with hydrangeas

Having colours in your garden will brighten up your day. When selecting flowers, it makes sense to select a plant that has flowers that span the whole summer. This is also why the hydrangeas are now trending. These plants come with beautiful bright purple and white colours that last for a very long time. They are easy to maintain and can stay in the garden for the whole year. There are over 70 species to choose from, allowing you to select the flowers that suit your garden best.


Time for drinks!

It does not matter if you are in for some wine or beer: having a drink with friends in the garden is the perfect summer moment. To allow you to make the most out of it, you can create a nice bar area. For example, by mimicking a German ‘bier garten’. These gardens have wooden tables and benches where you can sit. They are surrounded by plants and trees, giving it a nice and cosy feeling. Another upside: your friends will enjoy it even more!


More in favour of a French atmosphere?

Next to the trend to have beers in the garden, we see an increasing demand for lavender. These purple flower sticks tend to stay beautiful for a long time throughout the summer. Next to that, they are known for their nice scent. It will make you feel like you are on holiday! However, that is not the case for everyone… Some people associate it with the scent of the toilet, as many toilet products adopted the smell. Do check with your family if lavender would be a good addition to the garden.


A pond is always good

To increase the biodiversity in the garden, you can consider adding an insect hotel (e.g., a collection of woods that attract specific insects) or a pond. This can create a living atmosphere and with that, you help Mother Nature out. Having a pond also enables you to select pond plants, fishes and create your mini-ecosystem in the garden.




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