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The Ultimate Handbag Guide for 2024

2024 is proving to be one of the boldest years in the fashion world. With denim gaining popularity as evening wear, lots of experimental designs, and chunky accessories, it can get confusing for people who aren’t following the fashion scene.

While 2024’s fashion is all about having fun, you still have lots of conventional designs in designers’ handbag collections. So, if you’re thinking about investing in a good quality handbag that lasts long and keeps you on trend, this ultimate guide is here to help you!

Types of Handbags for 2024

We have gathered a range of handbag styles you must get your hands on in 2024. These handbag styles range from super trendy and cool handbags to conventional, evergreen styles. One for your must buy list is spring and summer 2024 collection Callista. Let’s delve in!

1.   Silk Handbags

Silk material is evergreen in handbag fashion. So, if you want to invest in a handbag that will last you through the years, silk is your choice. You can carry silk bags to weddings, formal events, and even date nights for an elegant and sophisticated look.

2.   Canvas Handbags

While silk handbags will never go out of fashion, canvas handbags are like denim. These bags stay in fashion for a short while and then go out of fashion. However, because canvas handbags offer great functionality, investing in these bags will not disappoint.

However, if you’re confused about which handbag to pick, this ultimate showdown between silk and canvas handbags will help you make the decision.

This guide objectively compares the two materials based on their maintenance requirements, sustainability, and price range. The end decision is yours to make, but this objective comparison can be helpful to make a logical decision, especially if you want to invest in a designer bag to last you a long time.

3.   Metallic Handbags

Since 2024’s style is experimental and bold, metallic handbags are all the rage this season. In the metallic range, you can find metallic gold clutches and bags that are apt for formal events.

But in the same range, you find shiny silver bags that are designed with the latest fashion trends in mind. These shiny styles are bound to make you pop, whether you’re going out, or styling for a formal event.

While metallic handbags are blingy, they are not for those who want to keep things subtle and elegant. But if metallic designs appeal to you, you can browse through the most popular metallic handbag styles for 2024 to make your pick.

4.   Micro-mini Handbags

All through 2023 and 2024, we saw celebrities and influencers following the micro-mini handbag trend. While this trend is not apt for the workplace, it can certainly draw eyes to you if you’re out for the night.

You might think that these micro-mini handbags are just for the look, but they can carry your essentials – lipgloss, cash, and cards. What else does a woman need for a night out?

5.   Half-moon Handbags

If you want to make a style statement, don’t miss out on the half-moon silhouette this year. These handbags are elegant and even have enough room to carry all your essentials. You can pick them as a contrast with your dress to make your ensemble pop or go monochrome for an elegant look.

We suggest going for a contrasting look as your half-mon handbag is bound to draw attention this way. Carry the handbag in your hands and not on your arms or shoulders, as it might look unappealing.

6.   Touch of Red

In 2024, red is everywhere. From formal office suits to party wear to handbags. Top fashion houses Gucci and Ferragamo have experimented with the blood-red color this season. The styles of these red handbags vary. However, if you want to stay on trend, invest in at least one red handbag or clutch this season.

You can pair your white dress with a blood-red handbag to make a lasting impression. But we’ve also seen Gucci pairing its maroon handbag with a deep purple ensemble on the runway. Let your fashion sense and personal style tell you how you want to carry your red handbag.

7.   Bucket Bags

You can never go wrong with bucket bags, especially in the summer season. In 2024, bucket bags are still going strong. The best part about these bags – they carry more than they show. However, make sure you don’t stuff your bucket bag to the brim, otherwise, you’ll end up having things fall out and the silhouette will not look appealing.

A great tip to make your bucket bag look great is to pick solid colors and pair them in contrast with your dress.

Tips to Choose the Right Handbag

Tip #1: Choose a Bag that Reflects Your Personal Style

Your handbag is an accessory that portrays your personal style. If you’re carrying an old, worn-out bag, it says a lot about your fashion sense and dressing style. However, if you’re carrying a bag that is trendy, looks fashionable, or is better – from a designer- it shows that you invest in yourself and are confident. So, the first tip is to choose a handbag that reflects your personality and isn’t old, dusty, or worn out.

Tip #2: Choose a Bag that Lasts Long

This ultimate handbag guide includes most of the handbag trends in 2024. Some of these trends, like silk handbags and bucket bags, are here to stay. However, some styles like metallic handbags and micro-mini handbags are for the experimentalists in fashion. Our second tip is to make sure you invest in a bag that you can use for years to come, especially if you’re investing in expensive designer bags.

Tip #3: Bag Maintenance

Whatever your personal style is, make sure you are carrying a bag that looks new. However, upkeeping a bag ‘wardrobe’ isn’t easy. You need to make sure your bags are maintained properly. Many people invest in handbags that don’t require a lot of maintenance, which is a good trick.

While we cannot cover handbag maintenance in this guide to keep on topic, you can search for maintenance tips for each handbag in your collection. For your ease, here’s a detailed handbag maintenance guide that can help you keep your bags as good as new and in use for a long time.

Final Words

Your handbag is your personal style accessory which can make or break your overall look. However, choosing a handbag can be quite trying as handbag styles are ever-changing. We hope this guide helps you to pick the right style that is on trend, complements your personality, and serves functionality.

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