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Try Out These 10 Makeup Trends in 2023

From fashion to fitness and even food, trends dictate our reality. Some of the biggest trends are found in the beauty industry, where new products and techniques are frequently introduced and quickly adopted.

The good news is that the top makeup trends of 2023 are already here, so sharpen that eyeliner pencil and get ahead of the game before the new year arrives.


1. Monochromatic Makeup

Influencers have favored monochromatic looks for years, but the trend is set for a big breakthrough in the coming year. The idea is simple: stick to one color across all aspects of your makeup application, with only minor variations in tints, shades, and tones.

Warm peach and raspberry are universal favorites, but don’t shy away from subdued neutrals like champagne, slate, and smoke.

Don’t mistake monochromatic for an easy or lazy approach to makeup, however. It takes precision to pull off this look, and you may endure some trial and error before you find the ideal scheme to complement your complexion.


2. Lightweight Formulas

It’s always easy to say “less is more” in the world of makeup, but what does that catchphrase actually mean in practice?

The goal in 2023 is to find products that feel light to the touch and bring out natural beauty without heavy, restrictive layers. As a guideline, look for foundations and concealers with fewer ingredients and lightweight formulations.


3. Imprecise Eyeliner

You may rejoice to hear that eyeliner no longer needs to be printer-perfect in 2023, as imprecise styles are back in a big way. In other words, you aren’t expected to “draw within the lines” when working with your favorite eyeliner pencil.

Use the broad side of your pencil to achieve bolder streaks, and venture beyond the limitations of your lashes. This will give a slightly edgy look and still convey sophistication.


4. Colored Pencils

Who said that eyeliner pencils need to be the same boring color across the board? We have nothing against the standard dark eyeliner that never fails, but we think it’s time to introduce new hues to the pencil collection in 2023 and beyond.

Start shifting out of your comfort zone with neutrals like onyx or ivy, then step into the unknown with navy, violet, and alternative eyeliners that push the boundaries.


5. Multi-Use Products

Efficiency is an overarching theme in the beauty scene for 2023. The more you can accomplish with a select few products, the less time you’ll waste on labor-intensive tasks.

For instance, find a multitasking makeup stick that works for both cheeks and lips. Alternatively, miracle balms can enhance the eyes or provide an all-over tint.


6. Protective Base Layers

Let’s not forget that skincare comes first, especially when experimenting with new makeup products and methods. Thankfully, leading brands offer protective gels loaded with vitamins, fatty acids, and plant properties that offer a much-needed layer of defense.  

You’ll find that these base layers not only protect your skin from the elements, but also help your new looks last longer and require fewer touch-ups throughout the day.


7. Clean Eyeshadow

To contrast with colorful and courageous eyeliner looks, we suggest keeping your eyeshadow more clean and orderly for the sake of balance. Not everything needs to be matte, metallic, or satin around the eye. Basics will serve you well with the right color schemes and applications. 

Find your signature eyeshadow look early in 2023 and enjoy the simplicity that cleaner products provide. Plus, that consistency sets the stage for exciting flourishes that make up our last few points.


8. Contrasting Accents

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about the fun stuff, including eye area accents that will be all the rage in the coming months. Once you’ve mastered your eyeshadow and eyeliner, feel free to take some risks with pops of color and aggressive lines that emphasize your favorite looks.

A bright dash of contrasting eyeshadow or an intricate eyeliner pattern will make an otherwise basic arrangement hard to ignore. The inner eye is the place to start, but you can add these accents anywhere to achieve a totally original vibe.


9. Subtle Sparkles

Save the glued gems and rhinestones for a special occasion, but don’t be afraid to incorporate low-key sparkles on a more regular basis. Just a light dusting of fine-grain glitter can add a fun edge to an everyday look, whether around the eye or on the cheeks.

Think the opposite of confetti, and more along the lines of moondust that’s barely detectable. You don’t want this stuff falling into your carpet, so apply sparingly and with care!


10. Alternative Lip Looks

There’s way more to lips than gloss and lipstick. In 2023, it’s time to apply more originality to your lips, using new tools and techniques that you may have overlooked in the past.

Many influencers are also innovating ways to increase the appearance of lip volume without resorting to expensive filler treatments. Using liquid lipstick and liner can help add a 3D look to your lips, especially with fun combos like ombre and blended fade effects.


2023’s Makeup Trends Start Right Now

The new year represents a fresh start, from the makeup counter to your personal and professional goals. Go in with a game plan and nothing will stand in your way.


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