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Which casino games are preferred by A-list celebrities?

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When it comes to the celebrity world, there are popular people and then there are A-listers. These stars are the ones at the very top of their profession. Whether it is names from sports, music, TV or movies, A-listers are the crème de la crème. We all imagine these star names to be constantly busy with their work and with no time to relax. While it is true to say that most are very busy, they will still have downtime to fill. This could see them jet off to exotic locations such as Setouchi in Japan or dine out at the best restaurants in town.


Many top celebs will also choose to play exciting casino games. Casino gaming is a fast-growing sector that generates billions of dollars in revenue globally per year. Much of its recent mainstream appeal is actually down to A-list names getting involved with it or promoting it through sponsorship deals! The internet is also a big factor in the explosion in popularity of casino games.

Online casino sites offer a much more convenient, pleasant and satisfactory way for people to enjoy this type of game. As shown at the trustworthy BonusSeeker casino review site, there are even free games at online casinos to play now. These give all the fun but without any of the risk! It is not just normal people who like to game online at sites like these though. Top celebs also use them, along with trips to the most glamorous land-based casinos around, to relax.

Which casino games do these stars usually go for?



When we are talking about casino games that A-listers love, blackjack is perhaps the top of the pile. Many believe that this is down to the mixture of skill, chance and strategy that blackjack brings. There is, of course, also the prize money on offer, which makes all casino games attractive – even to A-listers. Just who likes to spend time at the blackjack table? The list is actually pretty long, but Ben Affleck is the most obvious example – Affleck’s $800,000 win in one blackjack session shows just much he enjoys playing this game! Tiger Woods is another top celeb who enjoys blackjack, as are Jay-Z and Paris Hilton.



When it comes to poker, it is more a case of which famous A-lister doesn’t play it! Whether it is online or real-world tournaments, the mixture of psychology, quick thinking and big prizes that this game offers really appeals to famous faces. Jennifer Tilly is a major poker player, and she used her outstanding skills to win the 2005 Ladies Poker Championship.

Former Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire is also a huge fan and even took lessons from top pro Daniel Negreanu to improve. A-listers do not come bigger than Leonardo DiCaprio and he also likes to spend time at the poker table when not filming. With famous players like this, you can see why this casino game is known for attracting the biggest A-list names around.



Poker and blackjack get so much attention for the big names who play them that it is easy to think that no other casino games attract famous players. This is not true though! Craps is a classic dice game and loved by fans for its high-octane thrills and spills. It is also a great game to watch in real life and see if the person rolling can hit it big.

The game’s showy image and high-rolling reputation has seen it draw in some well-known faces over time. Actor Ray Romano is known to enjoy it, for example, as is John McCain. Perhaps the biggest name to play craps though is Michael Jordan. The basketball superstar plays a lot and is respected for the high skill levels that he shows.


Top celebs also love to have fun and win money  

We all tend to put big celebrity names on a pedestal and think that they are different from us. While they may have a different lifestyle or job, much of what drives us also drives them. This can be seen in the love that many A-list names have for playing casino games. Just like normal people, celebs love the chance to win money, beat the house, and use their skills to triumph. They also love these types of games because they are fun and give them a break from their high-pressure jobs. As casino gaming enters more into the mainstream, it is likely that more A-listers will get involved along with emerging talent from the world of entertainment.

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