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Brianne Tju

Just minutes before our interview together, actress Brianne Tju made an appearance on my television screen, filling the humble image with a tangerine Jeep as she cruised down the highway in pursuit of a lush South American beach. The day before, she was all over my Twitter feed as fans revealed the second season of […]

Lauran Hibberd – Frankie’s Girlfriend – Video Premiere

After performing at BBC’s Introducing Stage at Glastonbury and playing a session for Maida Vale at BBC Radio 1, it is clear Lauran Hibberd is making a name for herself. Hibberd’s music video for her catchy single Frankie’s Girlfriend premieres on 1883 today.  “It turns out I’m pretty good at being a psycho version of myself!” […]

Poetic Thrust – Neo NYC – Premiere

A chance meeting at an open-mic brought together some rappers, brass musicians & more talented artists to create the band Poetic Thrust. Check out Neo NYC, their latest release premiering today exclusively on 1883.   With members of the band coming from all over the New York area, it’s prevalent how their different narratives, musical […]

Cartilus Day at FOLD London

When news of FOLD broke online last year, a new club just a short walk from Canning town, it wasn’t the non-stop 24-hour license that got me most excited – it was the mention of a locker system. It is of my questionably expert opinion that offering punters lockers over the usual cloakroom is an […]