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Toy Car – Rat Race

Liverpool’s alt-indie/post-punk rock group Toy Car releases “Rat Race,” the first of two new double singles.

Gabby Rivers – Money Maker

Indie singer/songwriter Gabby Rivers unveils her latest song “Money Maker” from her forthcoming EP, Disappointed But Not Surprised.

Digga D – Back To Square One – Review

Back To Square One shows Digga returning to his roots and is an honest and heartful look into the journey he has been on from his musical beginnings to where he is now.


Tentendo & Annalisa Fernandez Return with their most authentic work to date in the Morning Light EP.

Thrillhouse – Something About This Place

Brighton pair Thrillhouse unveil their sky-soaring debut album Something About This Place. There is something deeply infectious about Thrillhouse’s new body of work, Something About This Place. Bringing together succinct production and deft lyricism, the album demonstrates the duo’s knack for blending whatever genre they fancy — from alt to indie to country. This soundscape provides […]