A Look into the World’s Most Influential Digital Artists

NFTs have piqued global interest in digital art. Now that some artists are making thousands (or millions) selling the digital originals of their creations, multimedia makers and consumers alike are starting to investigate digital art for personal and business interests.


For those outside of the zeitgeist, digital art is any creation that involves digital tools in the creation or presentation of a piece. From video game graphic design to pixels, the industry continues to expand. The current digital art landscape is one of the most varied today, as the demand for quality virtual art continues to rise in an increasingly digital world.

For example, even online slots from Betway highlight a range of quality animation and artistry, from settings to character design. Casino companies offer hundreds of titles on their site and, although gamers are on the lookout for a good RTP, they also judge their options by visual appeal.

Meanwhile, applications that were once for highly specialized digital art fields are now more accessible. Apps from Adobe’s Photoshop to Figma have brought the basics of photoshopping, UX design, and other aspects of digital art to beginners around the world.

In other words, digital art is evolving with each year, helping define new industries as it expands. Here are a few of the world’s most influential and innovative digital artists active today.


Finnian MacManus, US

Conceptual Artist & Studio Owner

Finnian MacManus worked with multiple big-name studios before branching out to start his own, including Disney and Marvel among dozens of others. MacManus specializes in creating fantasy settings which use realistic elements to conjure up haunting landscapes and cityscapes.

His work on the City of Ancegas highlights his interest in conceptual landscapes from a distant future. One element of MacManus’ work that stands out is his incorporation of architecture. His designs include architectural elements inspired by some of the world’s oldest and most unique structures.


Mandy Jurgens, US

Illustrator of Portraits & Character Renditions

Mandy Jurgens works as a freelance illustrator, using Photoshop to create haunting portraits and specialty character projects. Her works have qualities of magical realism, using light and composition to add an extra flair to hyper-realistic portraits including everything from bright hair to dazzling textures.

Jurgens currently works as a freelancer on independent projects. Her ArtStation portfolio is highly trafficked, allowing her to sell prints via her personal site. She’s recently begun to sell her work as NFTs.



Alberto Seveso, Italy

Digital Photo Artist

Milan-born  Alberto Seveso specializes in multimedia digital design, meaning he uses photos to build out unforgettable digital projects. Unlike other artists on this list, who work solely in digital mediums to create their work, Seveso first takes photographs and then manipulates them using programs like Photoshop, at times using collage design techniques.

The result is a dizzying combination of digital design, often coupled with photographed portraits. His signature is smoke, which is used to add textural effects to his work. Other designs include sand and bubbles. Seveso has a large NFT portfolio, which is currently available on Behance.


Jeszika Le Vye, US

Oil Painting & Imaginative Realism

Jeszika Le Vye draws on her fifteen years of experience as an oil painter to now translate her work into a digital medium—and her experience shows. Her background in Romantic and Pre-Raphaelite settings is highlighted in her creations, which have elements of fantasy and psychology.

Le Vye is particularly interested in storytelling. Though she’s trained as a painter, she also draws on philosophy and psychology to help inform the design, palette, and composition of her projects. She’s currently working on a series called ‘Changeling Fairytales’ and is up for the 2021 Chesley Awards for her work on ‘Encounters with the Imaginary Vol. 3’.


Lim Chuan Shin, Malaysia

Conceptual Illustrations

Working as a freelance artist, Lim Chuan Shin draws on sci-fi and fantasy themes to create unforgettable characters and settings. He’s worked on projects from Street Fighter to Playermon, using Photoshop to design his creations.

Currently, Shin is working on building NFT sales to help diversify his portfolio. However, he was once a representative for a pharmaceutical company who had to take the plunge to follow his dream as a digital artist.


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