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How to plan a cheap hen party: Our top tips

The current cost-of-living crisis might be forcing us to change the way we spend money, but you should never have to compromise on your hen night. In the following guide, we’ll cover five of our top tips on planning an unforgettable hen party on a tighter budget.


  1. Stay local

Despite incredible European cities like Budapest, Barcelona and Benidorm all being tempting options for hen party destinations, it’s always worth staying in the UK if you’re looking to save money on the big night.

Not only will this savvy move be likely to help all the girls by reducing their travel costs, but sticking to the venues you know best could also bag you a few bargains, especially when it comes down to the drinks.


  1. Enjoy the pre-drinks

Drinking before the night peaks is the best way to get any party started, and hen nights are no exception. Whether your bride-to-be prefers a classic bottle of bubbly or something a little bit fruitier, you’ll undoubtedly save money if you’re not buying every single drink in a bar.

If you want your night to be remarkable from the beginning, why not book a butler in the buff? If private, raunchy entertainment from a gorgeous host sounds like a little bit of your bride-to-be, you won’t be disappointed.


  1. Chip in for a gift

As much as you’d love your bestie to be inundated with gifts on her hen night, why not buy her a gift as a group instead? This cost-effective approach is just as thoughtful and could even mean you’ll be able to buy her something a little bit more expensive – or something she’s been talking about for a while.

Whether you opt for a gift card from a store she adores or a precious, personal piece of jewellery from one of the best independent jewellery brands?


  1. Use the family taxi

Not everyone would happily be roped in to providing you and your girls some transport for a hen party, but why not ask your nearest and dearest for a lift? Whether it’s your mum, dad, boyfriend, or sister, asking your family and friends to help you get home could potentially save the group hundreds on taxi fares.


  1. The humble wine and cheese night

You can’t go wrong with a full-bodied red wine and some decadent cheese. If you choose to plan a fuss-free wine and cheese hen party, each guest can provide their own wine to drink plus their favourite cheese, meaning you won’t have to break the bank balance. With your favourite box set and some naughty party games to keep the night moving, what’s not to love?

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