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Lab Grown Stud Earrings are About More than Just Style

Fashion trends are changing every day and no matter whether its clothes, shoes, hairstyles, or jewelry, style is always moving forward and sometimes even repeating itself. When we talk about jewelry an inexpensive way to experience the luxury of real diamonds is with lab grown diamonds, and they are used in more than just engagement rings.

There are a multitude of beautiful styles in every shape to choose from for necklaces, bracelets, and a dazzling array of unique-shaped lab diamond stud earrings to wear with every style you are creating, and now you can choose from a wide selection of diamond stud earrings to find the perfect earrings for any occasion and are a classic staple in any woman’s jewelry collection. In fact, they are simple and elegant, as well as versatile enough to go with anything you wear. Here are some examples:


  • Prong Settings The most popular type of setting for lab diamond stud earrings with the lab diamond held in place by four or more prongs that grip the side of the stone, making the diamond incredibly secure.
  • Bezel Setting – This bezel lab diamond stud setting is like the prong in secure fit, however, features a metal border or casing that surrounds the lab diamond instead of prongs.
  • Halo Settings – Halo lab diamond stud earring settings are gorgeous! The main diamond is surrounded by smaller diamonds creating a halo effect and accentuating the center stone for a bolder way to shine and with lab diamonds, a more affordable choice to experience this look with real diamonds.
  • Basket – Basket lab diamond stud earrings feature a basket with the diamond sitting inside and the basket flush against the ear. They are extremely comfortable to wear.
  • Crown – Similar to the basket, the crown lab diamond stud earring setting has a flat bottom featuring prongs that wrap upwards creating a crown. The diamond sits lower due to the setting, making it a little less visible from the front but beautiful, nonetheless. The style may be a little less secure because the lab diamond is sitting lower.
  • Martini – The V shape of the martini lab diamond stud setting is how the Martini setting got its name, resembling a martini glass the diamond sits higher up giving it an extremely prominent look. This 3-prong setting gives the martini stud setting great visibility to be seen by all onlookers. The diamond in this case rests a little below on the earlobe instead of sitting flush to it. Nevertheless, heads will turn.


      Aside from the long list of lab diamond stud settings, there are other things to consider when choosing a pair of lab diamond stud earrings as well:

      • Oval and Other Fancy-Shaped Lab Diamond Studs- Lab Diamond studs never go out of fashion. It is forever in your collection and will go with every event and outfit. You can pair diamond studs with a heavy necklace or no necklace. More and more women are finding these studs in shapes like oval, rectangular, circle, triangular and a few other fancy shapes. The oval shape is currently the most trending shape including pear and cushion cut diamonds, but princess and square are also popular, and round will always be a winner.
      • Colorful Lab Diamond and Gemstone Earrings – Another favorite are gemstone studs or an array of colors in lab diamonds. There is nothing like a touch of color on the ear to style your look. These types of lab diamond stud earrings are beautiful and very popular. You can see tons of gemstone studs online and can choose one for you or ask the jeweler about creating exactly what you’d like when you purchase your stone. Among all gems, the blue sapphire and red ruby are enormously popular in the world of fashion. These are precious studs and are can also be used to make engagement rings.

      Reasons to love lab diamond stud earrings!!!

      For jewelry lovers, diamond studs have always been and will always be a closet staple. This style is a safe choice when you’re not sure which earrings to choose for an occasion. Studs are subtle, versatile, yet incredibly effective pieces of jewelry to enhance your outfit. If you are planning to buy earrings for the one you love, then studs are the best choice.  Stud earrings can be easily paired with all kinds of outfits and functions. There are certain reasons to indulge and love studs:


      • Stud Earrings are Ageless – Women of all ages can easily include them in their style statement because their story is timeless.
      • Easy to Wear Jewelry – They are easy to handle and wear, especially when your daily activity is physically intensive and you wearing other jewelry may get in your way throughout the day.
      • Ideal Daily Wear for a Wonderful Look – Wearing stud earrings is very comfortable and convenient and goes with every outfit. Moreover, their sleek design and shape are comfortable even while sleeping at night.
      • Gender-Neutral Style – Wearing studs is not only for females, but males have also found lab diamond stud earrings to be a big part of their style.
      • Perfect for stacking up – Just like stacking rings, stacking earrings is its own fashion statement. Most ladies love to have multiple ear piercings. It means having more opportunities to wear favorite earrings and to express yourself in the fashion world. Diamond studs are an ultimate choice for stacking earrings, where every unique stud replicates your personality for all to see.

      In conclusion, there are so many reasons to fall in love with lab diamond stud earrings. If you have questions visit and find the perfect stud earrings that suit your personality and style.



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