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Where to Spend Winter Holidays for a Gambler

It is true that a lot of hotels are closed for business, but there are those that are already slowly opening their doors.

Now that winter is coming, you should start planning where to go to spend your winter holidays as a gambler. Apart from playing free casino machines this winter, you can take a vacation and go to these best hot spots.


Las Vegas


We all know that Las Vegas is the world’s gambling capital. As news has it, Las Vegas is now slowly opening up to serve patrons. However, there are strict rules. Most are not open 24/7 as they used to be.

In May of 2020, Las Vegas entered its second phase of re-opening. Most businesses are now open to serve the community. Now, you can visit the casinos to play, and also go to retail shops to make purchases. The pools will also open, but there will be new rules. For one, pool parties are not allowed.

As far as gambling is concerned, there are also rules about social distancing, which means that the number of players will be limited per table. People are also required to wear masks to reduce the possibility of contamination and viral transmission. For more things to do in your Las Vegas Trip, check out



One great thing about the Bahamas is that you get to gamble and also see the wonders of nature. If the ocean or the beaches are part of your bucket list, then the Bahamas has to be your destination.

The Bahamas in the winter is not what you are thinking. Here, the temperature is like it is springtime, even during the winter. It can get really chilly at night and early in the morning, but the days are great, and you can swim to your heart’s content.

You may want to go to Paradise Island and then play games at the Atlantis Casino. It is a large casino that covers 100,000 square feet of the Baha Mar resort. It is the largest casino in the Caribbean. Here, you will find 1,000 slot machines and hundreds of table games. You can visit dolphin habitats, eat at fine-dining restaurants with celebrity chefs, and so much more.



If you like it cold, then Canada should be one of your options. One of the best places you can visit here is Casino de Montreal. The thing is that French is spoken at the tables, so you better be ready to speak a little French for the game you want to play.

Here are two more of the most popular destinations in the city:


  • Vieux-Montreal – also known as Old Montreal, this part of the city dates back to the 17th century. It feels like Paris, and here you will see many historic sites and landmarks.
  • Jardin Botanique – this place is a botanical garden, where you can see dozens of different plants.


Montreal is a bustling city with lots of restaurants, hotels, and shops. You will certainly enjoy the winter here if you are a gambler.



Like the Bahamas, Aruba is in the Caribbean. There are big hotels here, and it is one of the popular destinations for tourists who love beaches. If gambling is your primary goal, you have to consider Renaissance Aruba. This hotel and casino are open 24/7, but we still encourage that you call them and check if there are operational changes due to COVID-19. The resort also has a private island. It only takes a minute to go to that island. You can go to the island by boat or by taxi.

There are many areas you can visit in Aruba, and you are not limited to the Renaissance. There are high-rise districts for tall hotels, and there are low-rise districts for low hotels if that is what you want.

Downtown is where you want to be, as this location makes everything in Aruba accessible to you. The two major hotels downtown are the Renaissance and the Marina. Both of these are equally great places, but the Renaissance is bigger.



There are many more places to go to, including Macau and Hong Kong. However, we do not really know yet if tourism is open in these places. For now, China is still actively pursuing stringent rules to manage the pandemic, so it may not be a wise idea to go there.

Always check with your country’s embassy about the ongoing rules for the countries you want to visit. Some countries impose a 14-day lockdown for tourists. The last thing you want is to schedule a 2-week vacation, only to find out you will be marooned in a hotel with nothing to do within the two weeks you scheduled. Anyway, either you decide to go on a trip and visit a casino resort or stay at home for the holidays, you can always play casino games online. Moreover, for slot lovers, casinos always have some free spins slots with bonus offers in store.



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