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Emily Kinney

Emily Kinney is certainly no one trick pony. Alongside starring in the worldwide hit, ‘The Walking Dead,’ (which amassed 20 million views), Kinney is also a talented music artist and songwriter. How is it to constantly switch between two different head-spaces? “I feel like both industries compliment each other even though they are  different businesses, involving a lot of different […]

Iggy Azalea

The mischievous rapper talks T.I., temper tantrums, and Twitter  Iggy Azalea is on a geometric sofa in an office in Central London, trying to untangle her headphone wires. “Arrgh! Whatever.” She chucks them down next to her and laughs. All cascading blonde hair and high-top trainers, the young Australian rapper is a vivid, warm gust […]

The Vamps

You are more than likely already aware of chart-topping sensations, The Vamps. With two albums already under their belts and multiple singles soaring through the top 40 charts worldwide, it’s safe to say these boys have earned their success.  Two years on from their last album release, the band have returned with a number one […]


Mahalia is certainly a woman set for success. Her talent as a lyricist and seductively sweet voice have ensnared legions of fans. A truly independent talent, who wrote her first song aged 8 and was signed at the tender age of 18, she shows no signs of stopping soon. Channelling inspiration from Erykah Badu and The […]

Fall Out Boy

If anybody tells you they never had a Fall Out Boy phase in their life, chances are, they’re lying. Since they appeared on our mp3 players in 2003, it was hard not to get caught up in the wave of black and white chequered wristbands and black nail varnish trend, and of course with Fall […]

Madison Beer

Madison Beer’s Unexpected Overnight Existential Rise to Fame and Dealing with It All!! Picture this: You’ve just started high school and life is all about friends, boys and fashion. Graduation is far off in the distance and, when you realise you have access to a recording studio conveniently situated at a family friend’s place, you record cover versions for […]