How to Choose Casino Software Providers for an Excellent Game Experience


The casino industry has boomed since the internet enabled the creation of online casino platforms.

From the days of simple slot online, casinos are now using games incorporating virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, give players access to live casinos via a smartphone or other mobile device, improving security with blockchain technology which also supports gaming using cryptocurrencies and many more innovations.


Proprietary and third-party providers

Some casinos may create proprietary games, but nearly all will license software from third-party providers, particularly from the top established software providers who are able to provide games that make casinos more appealing and attractive. One example is Novomatic, best known to the gaming public for the best Novomatic slots in a catalogue of 300 titles. Like many casino software providers, Novomatic is better known through its many subsidiaries including Admiral casinos.


Personal preference

Personal preference impacts on which games provide an excellent game experience and an individual’s favourite games are often from the same software provider. Whilst you should check the casino carries games from your favourite software development company, choose a casino that uses multiple providers so that you can try a broad range of other games you might like. If you are looking to tap into the growing popularity of casino tourism and want to find a  software provider that will provide an excellent game experience, here are some things to look out for:


Compatibility with PC and mobile devices

Choose a software provider that is able to provide games that are compatible with both PC and mobile devices. The m majority of providers now develop software in a range of formats, often producing multiple versions of the same games that can either be downloaded or played instantly or in a mobile format so that you can enjoy gaming at any time, wherever you are.


Slot Machine Mobile App 3D Illustration

Choice of games

Some casinos will focus on a particular casino game like blackjack, slots or roulette to create a niche site. These casinos will hold top-quality games from the most well-known software developers, which include Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Play‘n’Go, Real Time Gaming and others.


Quality graphics

High-quality graphic content is necessary for an excellent game experience. This means that the smallest of details are considered, with developers ensuring that gamers have an excellent experience whatever the size of the screen.  This means that a casino chip or card looks as good on a smartphone as it does on a PC. Also, if a slot game has well-designed graphics, gameplay is more fluid, without frustrating lags. When top software developers put effort into the smallest details, you can be confident that the site as a whole is built to the highest quality.


Virtual Reality (VR)

VR casinos replicate brick-and-mortar casinos, enabling you to feel like you are on a night out in Vegas or any major city.  As VR and mobile devices continue to advance, headsets are expected to work better and the future of virtual reality casinos is forecast to become big business. Some of the best online casinos now offer 3D immersion into gameplay using an iGambling VR-compatible gaming platform.


Sound effects

Adding to the excitement of virtual casinos are the good sound effects that make you feel as though you are in an actual casino or in a specific game.  These sound effects can be a slot machine beeping and buzzing and paying out coins, a musical arpeggio for a one-armed bandit, the ambient background noise of a casino, an insert coin sound, a big casino payout celebration, a pinball machine sound and dozens more that are of sufficiently good quality that your senses take your imagination into the world of casino play, even if you are home alone or passing a few minutes waiting for a train.


Games updates

The best casino software providers update their games so that a player’s favourite game never becomes dull. Some of these updates include additional hidden bonuses that can be unlocked during play, popular in slots.


Multilingual capabilities

Popular with many players are casino platforms that offer games in their mother tongue. Whilst it is standard practice to have this feature embedded in the software, the number of languages can be small for many, whilst other software providers offer up to 40 languages.



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